Video: Looking back on a year at the Hyatt

Due to an on-campus bed shortage, approximately 100 first-year students spent the past year living at the Hyatt Place Medford. Video journalists Sophi Schneider and Natasha Wan spoke to several Hyatt residents about the good and the bad of a year of hotel living. This is the second installment in a two-part series.

The expansion of Tufts’ undergraduate enrollment, Part 2: How big is too big for Tufts?

The Daily Read: Features · The Expansion of Tufts’ Undergraduate Enrollment, Part 2: How Big Is Too Big for Tufts? Editor’s note: This is the second of a two-part series on the expansion of Tufts’ undergraduate enrollment. Read the first part here. In a Feb. 18 email, Patrick Collins, Tufts’ executive director of media relations, […]

Video: The suite life?

Video journalists Natasha Wan and Sophi Schneider joined first-year Junior Davis for a look at what residential life is like for the about 100 first-year students housed at the Hyatt Place Medford. This is the first installment in a multi-part series.

Residential Life releases housing lottery numbers, prioritizes Hyatt residents

Tufts sent out lottery numbers to eligible students of all class years on Jan. 21, about one month after first-year students were told they would receive their lottery information. In the intervening weeks, uncertainty abounded among first-years seeking clarity on their housing plans for the coming academic year. Confusion and disappointment characterize the student body’s […]

​​Commons to accept dinner swipes for students living at Hyatt, among other changes

As of Sept. 27, the first-year students living at the Hyatt Place in Medford can use meal swipes at the Commons Marketplace. This is one of several changes enacted by Camille Lizarríbar, dean of student affairs, inspired in part by an op-ed written by Santiago Castillo Juarez, a Hyatt resident. This change is expected to […]

To the Hyatt and back: The issue of Hyatt shuttle frequency

Fall 2021. A new semester marked by the arrival of a new class year prepared to explore new courses and experience all that Tufts has to offer. This year, however, around 100 first-year students were assigned to live in the Hyatt Place in Medford, nearly two miles away from campus. Even after West Hall’s transformation […]

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