Editorial: Miller and Houston renovations left students in unbearable conditions

Throughout the past year, Tufts has renovated many underclassmen dorms. Given these recent renovations, it is apt to surmise that Tufts values safe and comfortable student living spaces. Though these projects resulted in beautifully modern dorms, last year, students lived through the renovations of Miller and Houston Halls, sharing space with dust and noise, dehumanized […]

Tilton, Bush residence halls undergo renovation over summer

Bush Hall and Tilton Hall, two first-year residential halls at Tufts, were renovated over the summer during the course of 12 weeks between May 21 and Aug. 16, according to the Operations Division website. Associate Dean of Student Affairs Chris Rossi says these renovations reflect the efforts of Dean of the School of Arts and […]

Miller Hall open to residents, Houston Hall prepared for renovations

Construction on Miller Hall is largely completed, and renovations on Houston Hall have begun, according to Joshua Hartman, director of Residential Life and Learning (ResLife). Students living in Miller who were temporarily placed in Houston for the fall 2018 semester were moved back at the end of December 2018, Hartman said in an email to the Daily. Miller reopened […]

ResLife to bring a series of renovations to expand on-campus housing options

Adding to the recent changes in the housing lottery process, the Office of Residential Life and Learning (ResLife) plans to make a series of changes and renovations to the existing housing units on campus to maximize their utility and to provide a better living experience, according to Matt Austin, associate director for housing operations in ResLife. Austin said there will […]

Op-ed: Houston Strong

When it rains a year’s worth in 48 hours, you don’t mop the floors, drain the streets, put on rubber boots and get on with your life. If you’re unlucky, you spend a week ripping out damp carpet, prying up rotten wood floors and tearing off musty drywall. You toss away furniture, memorabilia and memories because […]

At Home in the South: Students discuss their Southern backgrounds

Over the past week, the Daily spoke with three students who grew up in the Southern states. The conversations revolved around their upbringing, their relationships with home and the effect of their background on their interactions with others on campus. Several themes resonated across all three students. They all discussed how their Southern identity has grown stronger in […]

Residential Strategies Working Group proposes new housing plans on, off campus

The Residential Strategies Working Group (RSWG)  is now looking to implement its recommendations for student housing, which include offering more on-campus housing options for juniors and seniors, improving existing residential facilities and potentially charging different prices for different on-campus living arrangements. The RSWG initially presented its recommendations to University President Anthony Monaco and the Board […]