Students rally at Massachusetts State House in support of two sexual assault prevention bills

Content warning: This article discusses sexual violence. Students from Tufts joined students from 25 other colleges at the Massachusetts State House yesterday to show support for two sexual assault prevention bills, H.4159 and S.2203, and for stopping the “silent epidemic,” according to Bailey Siber, an executive board member of Tufts Action for Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP). Siber is […]

University raises concerns over Congressional tax plan

The university administration came out in opposition last week to provisions in Congress’ Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that would impact Tufts and other institutions of higher education. The House of Representatives passed a version of the tax reform bill earlier this month, which included several provisions that would affect Tufts, and the Senate is expected to […]

Red, White and True: What does the future hold?

“Never make predictions, especially about the future.” – Casey Stengel It has certainly been a crazy year in the political world. Those who study political science theories were perplexed as Donald Trump flipped the world on its head with his successful presidential campaign. So much has changed, and yet so much is still the same. Washington, […]

Red, White and True: The final hours of the filibuster

“If you give up your rights now, don’t expect to get them back.” –Rand Paul In 2013, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spearheaded an impactful change on the Senate floor. An overwhelming majority of Senators voted to eliminate the filibuster in situations where legislation was being introduced on the Senate floor. Later on, Reid invoked […]

Legalizing marijuana in Massachusetts: Where local legislators stand

Last November, Massachusetts voters passed a ballot initiative legalizing recreational marijuana for people above the age of 21. Now state legislators representing Medford and Somerville are determining how best to implement the voters’ will. The Massachusetts Legislature has formed a Committee on Marijuana Policy, made up of members of the State Senate and House of Representatives. […]

Jim McGovern, Bill Browder discuss U.S.-Russia relations, defending human rights

Bill Browder, the founder and CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, and Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA) discussed the future of U.S. foreign relations through the lens of the 2009 trial of Sergei Magnitsky in an event sponsored by the Institute for Business in the Global Context (IBGC). The event was attended by about 60 people and took […]

Republicans hold House of Representatives

With 47 House of Representatives seats competitively contested according to CBS, the Democrats faced a challenge in retaking the chamber. The Republicans entered the election with 247 seats and the Democrats held 188, giving the GOP a 59-seat majority. The New York Times currently expects the Democrats to pick up around 10 seats, bringing the […]

Election Day: Final thoughts from Tufts Republicans

The past several months have been host to one of the most historic and media-driven presidential elections in recent memory, a season marked not only by its many departures from “normal” election proceedings but also by its potential to affect our national future for far more than the four or eight years to come. This […]

The Arena: Majority rule

Short of slapping a baby or some crazy WikiLeaks scandal, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton looks a pretty good bet to close out this election. Recent polls give her a better chance of winning Alaska, where a Democrat has not won since Lyndon Johnson in 1964, than Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump does of winning […]

Conservatives: Boehner too soft

Right wing: JOHN BOEHNER IS BAD! Democrats: Yeah, cool, I think we’re on the same page on this one. Right wing: DOWN WITH BOEHNER! Democrats: Yeah! Down with him! Right wing: A REAL REPUBLICAN INSTEAD! Democrats: Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Nevermind. We take it back. Boehner is fine. Guys? Right wing: TOO LATE! GOVERNMENT MUST […]