Q&A: Alecia McGregor talks hospital closures and political determinants of health care

Alecia McGregor is an assistant professor of community health. This semester, she teaches the community health course called Too Big to Fail? Hospitals and the Changing Landscape. Her recent research looks at the political determinants of hospital closures. In an interview with the Daily, McGregor talked about her research as well as her concerns regarding the U.S. hospital business’ political power […]

Op-Ed: Syria’s healthcare crisis

Last Friday, Sept. 30, marked one year since Russia began to deploy airstrikes against Syria. The Russian government claims that the strikes are necessary to keep Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in power. The United States, which supports rebel troops and is against Russia’s and Assad’s regimes, has also enacted airstrikes against the country. The U.S. has conducted […]

Tufts Medical Center and Lowell General collaborate on new health care system

Tufts Medical Center (MC) and Lowell General Hospital have finalized an agreement to create a new health care system, Wellforce, to provide more integrated and coordinated care to patients at both hospitals, according to an announcement last month. In an Oct. 22 press release, CEO of Lowell General Normand Deschene said that Wellforce “turns the traditional health care model […]