Digital Collections and Archives brings rich, complex history of Tufts to life

Tucked away on the G Floor of Tisch Library is the office of Tufts’ Digital Collections and Archives (DCA), which manages over five terabytes of data and a collection of physical records that would stretch for about two miles if it were laid out in a straight line. In addition to preserving university records, the DCA […]

Out on the Town: The Adams National Historical Park

Boston has very close ties to colonial and revolutionary history, as well as a host of institutions dedicated to its preservation. For a notable example, the various homes where former presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams lived are still standing in Quincy, Mass. The Adams National Historical Park, which maintains the homes, offers very informative guided tours […]

R.E.A.L. Talk: Ancient history

I have been reminded a few times recently that history is relative. The more distance there is between you and the event, the more objectively you can analyze the situation. Most Tufts students have taken at least one class where they have to analyze a historical situation and explain the causes or the consequences of […]

Students discuss experiences, history of Tibet, China

Disclaimer: Khaliun Narangerel is a graphics and layout editor at The Tufts Daily. She was not involved in the writing or editing of this article. Recently, the annual Parade of Nations event organized by the International Club (I-Club) caused controversy among the Chinese and Tibetan student communities. According to a March 1 Daily article, a group of […]

History on the Hill: The Cannon

Underneath the many coats of paint that cover the Tufts Cannon lies a controversial political history that started one of Tufts’ most well-known traditions. The rules of painting the Civil War artifact, according to the Tufts Admissions website, are simple: it can only be painted at night, and if more than one student or group of students wants to […]

Student group aims to provide support, connection for women in Social Sciences

A new student group, Women in the Social Sciences, formed this semester with the intent of connecting and empowering women studying the social sciences at Tufts. According to group co-founder Eva Kahan, the group will have education, outreach and community committees and will look to provide its members with networking and career opportunities. “We are hoping to form a […]

Developing an institutional memory at Tufts: African-American history at Tufts

For most Tufts students, time on the Hill lasts only four years, and their memory of Tufts only includes the people they met and the experiences they had within that time. However, some students and faculty — both current and late — have devoted their time to looking back decades, even centuries, into Tufts’ history to integrate the people and experiences […]

Senior Profile: Henry Hooper Gleason, the longest Tufts legacy

Senior Henry Hooper Gleason was looking through old scrapbooks that his aunt found under hats and books in the back of a closet when he came across an article written about his grandmother, Elizabeth Gertrude Gleason. This article dubbed her the longest legacy student at Tufts, with 17 diplomas in her family. Today, that title […]

The Story of Stories: Missing a family narrative

When I was a kid, like many other children across the country, I had to make a family tree. My teacher showed us some samples she kept from previous years. They were lightened by the sun, and included old black and white photographs. Some of them went way, way back, some to the founding of […]