Lawrence Memorial Hospital closes emergency room, extends urgent care hours

MelroseWakefield Healthcare announced that it will be closing the emergency room at Medford’s Lawrence Memorial Hospital (LMH) but extending the hours of the hospital’s urgent care services, according to an email sent to LMH staff by MelroseWakefield CEO Sue Sandberg. While LMH serves students treated by Tufts Emergency Medical Services (TEMS), the closure will not affect TEMS procedure, […]

Letter from the Editor

Dear Daily readers, With the busy lives we lead on this campus, it is all too easy to forgo our mental health. Approaching deadlines, exams and adulthood forces us to put aside our feelings, our pain and our sorrow for later. We learn to ignore it. We learn to tell ourselves it’s not a big […]

Tufts CARE tackles consent, condoms, candid questions about sex

Seeing the need for a resource that would cater to the needs of victims of sexual assault and misconduct as well as educate the student body about sex, Alexandra Donovan, sexual misconduct prevention specialist, and Nandi Boyne, sexual misconduct resource specialist, created the Tufts Center for Awareness, Resources and Education (CARE) in April 2014. While the Office of […]

Fifth mumps case reported on Medford/Somerville campus

One additional case of mumps was diagnosed on campus yesterday, bringing a total of five cases of the virus recorded by the Health Service. The five cases recorded include the latest diagnosis, along with two cases confirmed by test and another two cases clinically diagnosed before the Spring Break, according to Medical Director of Health Service Margaret Higham. […]

Two cases of mumps confirmed in regional virus outbreak

Two cases of mumps among Tufts students have been confirmed this week, along with one additional suspected case, according to Medical Director of Health Service Margaret Higham. The viral illness is characterized by a painful swelling of the jaw, according to a health announcement sent to the university community on March 14 by Higham, Stephen Larson, director of […]

TCU Senate establishes trial program to provide free feminine hygiene products in public restrooms on campus

Students were introduced to a Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate pilot project last week to provide free feminine hygiene products for emergency use in public bathrooms around campus. The hygiene products, currently stocked in multiple campus bathrooms, include tampons and pads bought in bulk with funds from Health and Wellness Services. Walae Hayek, the TCU Senate’s Women’s Center community representative and TCU Senator Ariel Barbieri-Aghib have […]

No More Noro: Norovirus outbreak is on the decline

Approximately 72 students were infected with Norovirus last week, according to Margaret Higham, director of Tufts Health Service. She noted that the number of cases is decreasing and that she did not expect to hear of new cases emerging. Higham explained that this approximation may be an underestimation because some students are treated through Tufts Athletics, and others do […]

Police Briefs Feb. 8

Burnt Beans Someone unintentionally burnt beans in the Latin Way Apartments at 12:41 p.m. on Feb. 1. The fire department came in response and vented the room before allowing a system reset. Dislocated Knee Someone called from the Tisch Sports and Fitness Center basketball court after suffering from a potential dislocated knee at 9:50 p.m. on Feb. 3. […]