University phases out JobX, expands Handshake to on-campus jobs

Tufts has phased out JobX, its job-finding platform for on-campus and childcare jobs, and expanded the role of Handshake, a platform that was previously launched for students to find off-campus jobs and internships. Handshake will now handle all on-campus jobs, while a new website will host childcare and babysitting job postings. The decision to switch was […]

Editorial: Tufts Career Center has room for improvement

College students are painfully aware of how much more difficult it is to get a job now compared to during our parents’ generation. Automation and mechanization mean that jobs lost in recessions often become extinct, while increasing global competition leads to a demand for higher-skilled people. This difficult environment has permeated the undergraduate sphere, with increasing […]

Tufts Career Center launches Handshake, replaces Jumbo Jobs

Tufts’ switch from Jumbo Jobs to Handshake, a new job/internship database for students, has been recognized as a much-needed improvement in user experience and job search capabilities. Jumbo Jobs faced significant criticism from students and frustration from the Career Center’s staff. Gregory Victory, executive director of Tufts Career Center since July of 2016, gave some background […]