Op-Ed: Students demand that Tufts #HaltTheHike

Dear Students and Families of Tufts University, On April 16, Tufts sent an email to students and families announcing a 3.8% increase in tuition for next year, meaning tuition and associated expenses, including books and personal expenses, will total  $73,818. Year after year, we have seen this cost increase, and if these trends continue, first-years […]

Tufts Student Action holds rally to protest tuition hike

On the afternoon of Monday, April 2, about 20 students gathered on the lower patio of the Mayer Campus Center as part of a rally to protest the raise in tuition for the 2018-2019 academic year. The tuition increase was announced in a March 29 email from James Glaser, Dean of the School of Arts and […]

Financial Aid Student Advisory Board set to convene, continue dialogue on transparency

The Financial Aid Student Advisory Board (FASAB) met yesterday for the first time this academic year to provide feedback and input to the financial aid office on its communication and outreach efforts. The board was reinstated in January 2017; it had existed in the past and disbanded over five years ago, according to Director of Financial Aid Patricia Reilly. […]

Editorial: Tufts must do more to combat elitism as tuition exceeds 70K

The full cost of a Tufts education has finally exceeded $70,000 per year. This incredibly high tuition price is more than just intimidating — it undermines the culture of diversity and accessibility that Tufts strives to promote. Campus movements like #HaltTheHike have highlighted the difficulties associated with this expense, especially when it comes coupled with […]

Op-Ed: Class of 2021: Believe in One Another

My Facebook album from my first year at Tufts was entitled “Name, Hometown, Major” as a tribute to what were the most socially exhausting two weeks of my college career. I’m happy to say that the social exhaustion has lessened and that you will now find me cuddling with my housemates, watching Wes Anderson movies […]

Tufts administrators explain tuition increases for next academic year

Tuition and fees for undergraduates for the 2017–2018 academic year will be $68,372, a 3.61 percent increase from last year’s $65,996. This projected cost, which does not include books and personal expenses, was announced in an email sent out on March 10 from Dean of Arts and Sciences James Glaser and Dean of Engineering Jianmin Qu. […]

Editorial: Tufts should not raise tuition without transparency

Although Tufts has not yet published its finalized tuition costs for the 2017-2018 academic year on its website, many students opened their Student Information System (SIS) accounts last week to the shocking news that Tufts’ official sticker price has crossed the threshold of $70,000 per year (including room, board, books and personal expenses). This comes in the […]

Tufts Student Action releases HaltTheHike demands following tuition increase announcement

Tufts Student Action (TSA)’s #HaltTheHike campaign released a list of demands on Nov. 1, calling for a halt in tuition increases, greater financial transparency and better financial aid resources. According to TSA member Parker Breza, the group is responding to the 3.6 percent increase in tuition that was announced in an email sent out in April by Dean of […]