Halloween and me

Halloween sort of haunts me as a concept. It is fraught with outfit questions: When does sexy become too much? When does poking fun become offensive? When do we get to go home and take off these dumb ears? This year, I thought about how I could include my leg hair in my costume. Dirty […]

LGBT Center and Tufts Film Series host Rocky Horror show on Halloween night

The Tufts LGBT Center peer leader program Team Q, in collaboration with Tufts Film Series, organized the second Halloween production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show to a full house in Barnum Hall on Friday. According to Shakura Cox, one of the Team Q peer leaders and organizers of the show, the event opened with a costume contest, then had a traditional Rocky Horror […]

New York Style Delhi: The Halloweekender Edition

Rebecca: This past weekend, I went home to New York. My mom loves anything Sci-Fi, and as per usual, she was watching “Z Nation” (2014-present). Not only does she love it, she hates when people hurt the integrity of the story. Once, when my mom killed a moth, I yelled “Godzilla killed Mothra.” She began […]

Top 10 ways to get in the Halloween spirit

Whether you like it or not, Halloween, which, in college, is more like a weekend affair than a single-day event, is approaching rapidly. There will be countless events happening on campus and in Boston, and there’s no real way to avoid it all unless you lock yourself away in Tisch for the weekend — but even […]

Somerville Theatre to host Halloween Horror Marathon

Somerville Theatre, the cute local cinema down in Davis Square, is about to get its spook on for Halloween. For 12 hours straight on Oct. 31, the theater will run a horror movie marathon featuring six classic flicks spanning nearly 60 years of (artificial) blood, guts and gore. Film nerds and hipsters can look forward to viewing all the […]

Events Box 10.29.2015

Looking to have fun this Halloweekend? Try some of these events: MFA College Night – Throwback Thursday: In this case, “throwback” means throwing way, way back. Explore the MFA’s exhibits during extended hours on the eve of Halloweekend. There will be free snacks and discounted museum goods all night. Thursday, 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. at […]

Halloween: not the season for cultural appropriation

Alright folks, Halloween is right around the corner, and we all know what that means: it’s time to spend hours in your closet, at a thrift shop or — if you’re feeling especially inspired — at an actual costume store. Even then, we all are familiar with the struggle of finding the perfect Halloween costume. […]