Senate debates extending $3000 in stipends to additional Senate officers

During the Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate meeting on Oct. 10, an Allocations Board (ALBO) recommendation concerning the expansion of TCU-provided stipends was introduced for discussion. The ALBO recommendation proposed stipends for the Diversity and Community Affairs Officer, the Parliamentarian and the Historian of $1,000 per year each. The proposal would be an extension of […]

Newly established Tufts Funny Ladies strives to build creative safe space for women in comedy

In 2007, Vanity Fair published a piece called “Why Women Aren’t Funny,” in which the author, Christopher Hitchens, casually and blatantly throws out sexist generalizations as he meditates on women and their capacity to be funny. Hitchens unabashedly asserts that women are “backward in generating” humor and that the best female comedians are “hefty or […]

Student Affairs Pluralism Initiatives engage students in exploring identity

The Student Affairs Pluralism Initiatives, which works with Tufts students in identity and social justice leadership development, held a panel event about faith and colonialism on Monday evening. Director of Student Affairs Pluralism Initiatives Steph Gauchel, who works with the Group of Six and Social Justice Leadership Initiative (SJLI) in her role, said the event was one of several semester projects meant to engage students […]

Community representative positions remain unfilled

Shortly after midnight, junior Brian Tesser won the election for Tufts Community Union (TCU) President. But in an election held on April 7 for several Senate and other TCU positions, five of the six community representative positions went unfilled. Community representatives come from the Asian American, Africana, Latino, women’s, LGBTQ and international communities — the same communities […]

Intercultural and Social Identities Program moves under Dean of Student Affairs Office

This fall, the Intercultural and Social Identities Program (ISIP) will go from a stand-alone office to a full-scale initiative led by a new director of Student Affairs Pluralism Initiatives (SAPI) and incorporated into the Dean of Student Affairs Office (DOSA). Director of the Women’s Center Steph Gauchel will assume the new director position for the 2014-2015 academic year. ISIP was launched in […]