Tufts by Numbers: Campus carbon

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that aims to halt and reverse many of the climate-protecting policies the Obama administration implemented. The executive order provides the opportunity for coal to be reintroduced as a main energy source nationally. Though relatively cheap and local to the United States, increased coal production can cause […]

Union of Concerned Scientists president calls for resistance to Trump environmental policies

Ken Kimmell, president of the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), delivered a lecture on potential rollbacks to environmental policies under President Donald Trump’s administration, as well as the efforts being made by the environmental community to combat these rollbacks. The discussion, titled “Climate Strategy During the Trump Years,” took place yesterday in the Alumnae Lounge […]

Editorial: Dining halls should accommodate on-the-go to reduce food waste

The average college student creates 640 pounds of solid waste a year, including 500 disposable cups and 320 pounds of paper. This means that the undergraduate population at Tufts is responsible for annually adding approximately 3,385,600 pounds of solid waste to the Earth. The solid waste produced ends up in one of approximately 1,908 landfills in […]

The Echo Chamber: On recycling

The average American produces 4.3 pounds of waste per day. Thirty-four percent of our total waste is recycled, up from 16 percent in 1990. Germans blow us out of the water, recycling or composting over 60 percent of their municipal waste, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. But still, in 2013, the U.S. saved 87.2 million tons […]

Kelly Sims Gallagher discusses last year’s Paris agreement, future of international climate policy

This academic year saw the adoption and subsequent signing of what a Dec. 16, 2015 Atlantic article called “one of the most important piece of international diplomacy in years.” At the 21st Conference of Parties in Paris in Dec. 2015, 195 nations finally hammered out a deal on international cooperation on greenhouse gas mitigation; last month, on Earth […]

Op-ed: Universities in the Anthropocene

Tufts hosted a symposium on the role of universities in responding to climate change. The administration’s willingness to engage in this discussion, in light of the divestment debate, is welcome. For an institution that espouses active citizenship, it is a moral responsibility for the university to connect the values it advances with the pressing issues […]

Earth On Fire: Follow the money

Tensions flared between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a Greenpeace activist at a campaign rally last week. The paid organizer, Eva Resnick-Day, pressed Secretary Clinton to “act on your words and reject fossil fuel money in the future in your campaign.” Suffice it to say, the secretary did not react kindly to this […]

Earth on Fire: It’s not you, it’s them

For those who pride themselves on diligently recycling and taking shorter showers, this idea may seem jarring: Individual action will do little — if anything, really — to mitigate the climate crisis. If you’re confused, it’s not at all surprising. The vast majority of environmental campaigns in this country focus on small behavioral changes we […]

Earth on Fire: Choosing a climate champion

Political pundits say it every four years, but this time they’re right the stakes of this November’s presidential election could not be higher. The next president will oversee our country’s strategy in the fight against ISIS, confront stubbornly high economic inequality and leave an indelible mark on the federal judicial system. In a previous column, […]