Faculty, graduate students discuss scarcity of women in economics department

There are fewer women than men among both professors and students in the economics department at Tufts, according to Professor Dan Richards, chair of the Department of Economics. Richards told the Daily in an email that 35 percent of undergraduates majoring in economics or quantitative economics at Tufts are women. On Feb. 2, The New York Times […]

Editorial: Gender imbalances in student organizations

From Tufts Democrats to Tufts Debate Society, the male to female ratio in many Tufts clubs is hugely lopsided. While there is no central database for students enrolled in each club, many club leaders have stated their male to female ratio is as high as six to one. This problem extends to even our representatives in the […]

The Hot Mess: Consequences of the ADHD Diagnostic Gender Bias

For years, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder diagnoses have been heavily reliant on obvious behavioral issues spotted by elementary school teachers who relay their findings to concerned parents. The stereotypical conception of the hyperactive little boy who can’t sit still in class is outdated and problematic. According to the CDC, the percentage of children diagnosed with ADHD has […]