The Art of Games: In games, the end is not always the end

Just like everything else in life, all games must end at some point. And just like other aspects of life, the manner in which they end can differ drastically from game to game. Although I will be discussing the end of games in this column, there won’t be any story spoilers. I will focus on […]

The Art of Games: ‘God of War’ is a masterpiece of modern gaming

“God of War” (2018) is among this generation’s best games. The combat is enjoyable, the world is beautiful and detailed and the characters are among the best in any game I have played.  As the name “God of War” may suggest, the main character Kratos spends most of the game fighting. Thankfully, the game is up to task with […]

The Art of Games: Virtual reality may be the future but struggles in the present

Virtual reality, or VR for short, is one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced. By simply putting on a goofy-looking headset, you are transported into a virtual world. While other video games are immersive, none make you feel as if you are physically there. But with virtual reality, that changes. As far as […]

The Art of Games: ‘Dying Light’ exemplifies the best, worst aspects of modern games

An open-world zombie game released in 2015, “Dying Light” is a fantastic game. The good aspects of the game highlight exactly what makes video games fun. However, despite this, “Dying Light” is not perfect. In fact, its flaws fall victim to a disappointing series of tropes plaguing modern gaming. The Bad The Protagonist: The protagonist in “Dying Light” exemplifies one of […]

E is for Everyone: Left 4 Dead

Why should you play “Left 4 Dead” (2008) and its sequel, “Left 4 Dead 2” (2009)? Because they were engineered to be the perfect replayable shared narrative experience for up to four players. And before you scoff and say, “Fury, isn’t ‘Left 4 Dead’ a zombie game? Aren’t those mindless and really banal at this […]

E for Everyone: Mini Metro

Why should you play “Mini Metro” (2015)? Because it is one of the most beautiful examples of using minimalism to make an incredibly intuitive, relevant and rewarding game. Dreamed up in 2013 by the developers of New Zealand-based Dinosaur Polo Club at a game jam, this hypnotic wonder of a game is about creating an […]

‘Journey to Un’Goro’ is a card game expansion designed for the one percent

For those who’ve been keeping up with “Hearthstone” (2014) expansions and adventures, it’s become evident that developer and publisher Activision-Blizzard’s solutions to initial problems with the game have made matters worse over the years. Many of the powerful cards in the game involve random effects that are impossible to play around to the point where differences in skill […]

E For Everyone: Shovel Knight

Why should you play “Shovel Knight” (2014)? Because it was made for the express purpose of delighting you, and goodness gracious does it deliver. No matter what age you are, “Shovel Knight” is an accessible yet challenging and charming 2D platformer full of magic and humor that will make you smile whether or not you […]

E For Everyone: Blackbox

Why should you play “Blackbox – think outside the box” (2016)? Because it finally gave the tired phrase ‘a game unlike any other’ something meaningful to do. This is a game specifically created for the technical abilities of an iPhone, but don’t stop reading. I, like you probably, am always hesitant to download a mobile game […]

E For Everyone: Screencheat

Why should you play “Screencheat” (2014)? Because it is a perfect example of when developers observe a flaw with a standard and then use it as a tool. ‘Split-screen multiplayer’ refers to local multiplayer games dividing the single screen that players are looking at into zones, each acting as a smaller screen for one player. This […]