The Art of Games: In games, the end is not always the end

Just like everything else in life, all games must end at some point. And just like other aspects of life, the manner in which they end can differ drastically from game to game. Although I will be discussing the end of games in this column, there won’t be any story spoilers. I will focus on […]

The Art of Games: ‘God of War’ is a masterpiece of modern gaming

“God of War” (2018) is among this generation’s best games. The combat is enjoyable, the world is beautiful and detailed and the characters are among the best in any game I have played.  As the name “God of War” may suggest, the main character Kratos spends most of the game fighting. Thankfully, the game is up to task with […]

The Art of Games: A game never gets a second chance at a first impression

In playing the new “God of War” (2018), I am reminded of the importance of a strong introduction into a game. They say that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and that stands true in games as well. Earlier this year, I wrote a column about tutorials, but tutorials are […]

The Art of Games: Music in games is an art by itself

One of the most overlooked aspects of a video game is its music. While most appreciate a good score in a game, I feel that the music in a game can completely change the player’s experience. The value of music is especially important for indie games. Oftentimes, the music makes up for less detailed graphics in setting […]

The Art of Games: Virtual reality may be the future but struggles in the present

Virtual reality, or VR for short, is one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced. By simply putting on a goofy-looking headset, you are transported into a virtual world. While other video games are immersive, none make you feel as if you are physically there. But with virtual reality, that changes. As far as […]

The Art of Games: SOMA has one of gaming’s greatest narratives

SOMA is a horror game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. While I normally avoid horror games, SOMA’s addition of a “safe mode” makes this game one that everyone should experience. Normally, the monsters in SOMA will attempt to chase you down; in the “safe mode,” they are simply eerie residents of the broken world you […]

The Art of Games: ‘Dying Light’ exemplifies the best, worst aspects of modern games

An open-world zombie game released in 2015, “Dying Light” is a fantastic game. The good aspects of the game highlight exactly what makes video games fun. However, despite this, “Dying Light” is not perfect. In fact, its flaws fall victim to a disappointing series of tropes plaguing modern gaming. The Bad The Protagonist: The protagonist in “Dying Light” exemplifies one of […]

The Art of Games: ‘Golf Story’ deserves a place on every Nintendo Switch

While an RPG based around golf may seem strange on the surface, “Golf Story” (2017) is one of the best indie games on the Nintendo Switch. As its name may suggest, “Golf Story” is a story-based game with golf as its subject, but it has the presentation and gameplay chops to back up its charming story. […]

The Art of Games: Tutorials are an overlooked aspect of games

Tutorials are an often-overlooked aspect of a game, which can make a significant difference in your gameplay experience. For someone who has been playing games for years, their primary use is teaching you the specific controls and intricacies of the game, but for someone new to a controller, they are crucial to shaping your entire […]

Top video game picks for winter break

The end of the year is dense with new video game releases, as publishers rush to release their big-budget titles when consumers are most likely to pick them up. The holiday season deluge of overhyped flagship games can be a little overwhelming, however, so here are some picks of glitzy, big-budget blowouts to be your […]