Jumping Hurdles: The problem with clubs

When I was a freshman, I was sure that college would be a time where I could totally reinvent myself. I played violin growing up, but decided to leave the orchestra geek in me behind and try something new when I came to Tufts. After all, I had come to Jumbo Days and seen firsthand […]

As pre-orientation programs grow, students, staff consider their impact on non-participants

First-year Sara Kniaz put a lot of thought into her decision not to participate in a pre-orientation program. After speaking with many students about their experiences, she decided it would be easier not to participate because of cost, confusion over logistics of the programs and a lack of enthusiasm about the offerings.  However, Kniaz said that upon arriving on campus, she regretted her decision. “I had […]

Jumbo Steps: Helium

There aren’t any clouds here in Sunny SoCal, so I’ve created my own. And right now, I’m dancing on it. Just me, myself and I. On Cloud 9. I didn’t intend on coming home. But then I did a thing. On Saturday evening, JetBlue schlepped me to California a mere seven hours after I’d purchased […]

To Life, Sincerely Clara: An Open Letter to the Dining Hall Workers

Dear dining hall workers, I’m a freshman — I’ve been at Tufts for exactly 15 days. I’m almost completely certain that you have no idea who I am. But nevertheless, I’ve decided that I already owe you a thank you. As a semi-socially awkward and overall introverted person, the dining hall isn’t necessarily my favorite […]

Inaugural Bridge-Year fellows take off in high spirits

As pre-orientation students and staff roamed the campus in late August, a different orientation was beginning for 15 new members of the Tufts community. These students are the inaugural class of the Tisch College’s 1+4 Bridge-Year Service Learning Program, a gap-year program unveiled in February 2014. As members of the 1+4 program, these students dedicate the first eight to […]