‘Colette’ aims to honor scandalous novelist, but comes short

“Colette,” starring Keira Knightley as Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette (1873-1954), follows the French novelist and actress whose husband took credit for her work for years until she asserted herself as a writer and began to publish under her own name, famously taking up a string of female lovers along the way. The movie follows Colette from her marriage through her […]

How Tufts Works: Chopping prices

This week’s column delves into the question of “How Tufts Works” for students. For some Tufts students, balancing work and school is a major challenge. For others, it is a well-established part of life. Sophomore Ian Seerung belongs well within the latter group. In high school, Seerung was working nearly 30-hour weeks during the school […]

How Tufts Works: Lifelong Jumbo

Immediately after I entered Director of the European Center Gabriella Goldstein’s (LA ’84) office, she handed me a piece of chocolate. After gratefully accepting it, I steered the conversation toward her background, trying to get a sense of the important themes of her life. It was not until I unwrapped the piece of chocolate later […]

Majors and Minors: Fauve to French Touch with Matt

This is Matthew Jourlait, a French-American-Canadian first-year, sharing his insight into music today in France. He plans to major in international relations. He played the piano for nine years, and his favorite composer is Bach. Haruka (H): What is music in France like today? What genre, and which artist, is most popular right now? Matt (M): It’s […]

Looking In: Macron

Emmanuel Macron, 39 year-old French presidential candidate and former minister of the economy, industry and digital affairs under President François Hollande finished Sunday’s first round election in first place with around 23 percent of the vote. Macron left the Socialist Party in 2009 and quit the Hollande government in 2016 to start his own party, En Marche. He has […]

Secretary of State John Kerry visits campus, meets with foreign ministers

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived on campus Saturday morning for a meeting hosted by The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and Tisch College of Civic Life with the foreign ministers of Germany, France, the United Kingdom (UK), Italy and the European Union (EU). The meeting, which took place at 11:30 a.m. at Ballou Hall, […]

The importance of mindful media in times of tragedy

When faced with news of horrific tragedy, like that of this weekend’s events in Paris, the outpouring of numbers and names of victims can leave you numb. The extensive media attention regarding the Parisian tragedy has sparked a widespread expression of public anguish. Behind the raw numbers there are poignant stories, many of which will […]


Last weekend, our group went on a short excursion to Normandy, home of cider and World War II history. We stayed in a town called Caen, which was much quieter than Paris and splendidly picturesque. With two or three Gothic churches and a huge medieval castle on a hill, we had plenty to explore. Saturday […]