The Weekly Chirp: Birds and climate

Anyone living in the general New England area can tell you that this fall has been outrageously warm — a trend that we have been seeing (and feeling) for all seasons over the past decade. While climate change denial clouds the concentration of cocky conservatives in Congress, temperatures in the United States keep breaking records. […]

The Weekly Chirp: Wondrous waterfowl

With temperatures finally dropping down to the low 30s last week, it appears the transition from autumn to winter is upon us (but shout out to climate change for those extra couple of warm weeks). Cold winds and gloomy, gray skies provoke several behavioral responses in humans, but mainly a marked shift from light fleeces […]

The Weekly Chirp: Massachusetts birding

Time to shift gears this week and give you all some details about the birding world that surrounds Tufts. And yes, it is indeed known as “birding,” not “birdwatching” —  a common misconception made by non-birders, or as birders call them, “the less fortunate.” The state of Massachusetts, despite its small size, is home to […]