Alumni Q&A: Amy Spitalnick, Part I

The Alumni Series aims to create a diverse collection of experiences at Tufts through highlighting notable alumni. Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for clarity and length. Since graduating from Tufts, Amy Spitalnick (LA ’08) has worked as press secretary for lobbying group J Street and communications director for the Office of the New […]

Sailing team wins Nickerson Trophy amidst nor’easter conditions

As the days become shorter and colder in the New England autumn, the sailing team looks to wrap up its successful season, competing in five regattas this past weekend. However, the Jumbos did not ease off the gas despite the relaxed schedule and the frigid air. On Thursday night, four lark boats, “Jumbalaya,” “Jumbutts,” “Jumblitty” and […]

Failing Big: Behind the curtain

If I had met sophomore-me last year, I would have been jealous. A member of six clubs, about to declare a major and surrounded by a solid group of friends, I’ve been checking all the boxes that first-year-me wanted to check. But six clubs means six meetings a week — all an hour or longer […]

Editorial: The first-year premium meal plan should be optional

There’s no choice involved. It’s go big or go home. Priced at $3,807 per semester, the Tufts Dining Premium Meal Plan is sold as the “best value for students who want to take full advantage of dining at Tufts and not have to think about planning their own meals while in school.” And while for some students […]

Campus Life, ResLife announce changes to leadership roles in first-year orientation

The orientation process for incoming first-year students will undergo changes beginning with the Class of 2021′s orientation in August. Orientation Leaders (OLs) will share responsibilities with First-Year Advisors (FYAs), who will perform the role of Resident Assistants (RAs) in first-year housing next year. Howard Woolf, director of the Experimental College and associate dean of undergraduate education, […]

Jumbo Steps: Helium

There aren’t any clouds here in Sunny SoCal, so I’ve created my own. And right now, I’m dancing on it. Just me, myself and I. On Cloud 9. I didn’t intend on coming home. But then I did a thing. On Saturday evening, JetBlue schlepped me to California a mere seven hours after I’d purchased […]