Town hall on budget transparency adds to financial conversation

University administrators addressed a crowd of around 100 people at a Budget Transparency Town Hall on Tuesday, hosted by Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate and Tufts Student Action (TSA). The event, intended to start a discussion about the Tufts budget as well as current debt in the School of Arts and Sciences and School of Engineeering (AS&E), included an […]

Editorial: Greek life should expand financial aid to remain at Tufts

With Greek life back on campus, the one thing nearly everyone can agree on is that, if Greek life organizations continue to exist, financial reform will be necessary. While houses have encouraged fewer money-centric events, dues are still strikingly high. Many students who have to pay these dues themselves face real financial and time constrictions, juggling part-time jobs on […]

Financial Aid Student Advisory Board set to convene, continue dialogue on transparency

The Financial Aid Student Advisory Board (FASAB) met yesterday for the first time this academic year to provide feedback and input to the financial aid office on its communication and outreach efforts. The board was reinstated in January 2017; it had existed in the past and disbanded over five years ago, according to Director of Financial Aid Patricia Reilly. […]

Editorial: TCU should create more initiatives like Textbook Exchange

Amidst talk of tuition hikes and increased housing costs, it’s refreshing to finally see a headline about saving students money. The TCU Senate’s Textbook Exchange, which took place from Sept. 4–12 saved students an estimated $30,000 in total. The event will hopefully be the first of many events geared toward saving students money. Philip Miller, […]

Editorial: Tufts must do more to combat elitism as tuition exceeds 70K

The full cost of a Tufts education has finally exceeded $70,000 per year. This incredibly high tuition price is more than just intimidating — it undermines the culture of diversity and accessibility that Tufts strives to promote. Campus movements like #HaltTheHike have highlighted the difficulties associated with this expense, especially when it comes coupled with […]

Class of 2021 matriculates, receives record-breaking financial aid

University President Anthony Monaco will welcome incoming first-year and transfer students during today’s matriculation ceremony on The Green. The incoming class is composed of 1,414 students from 44 countries and 45 states. From the record-breaking pool of 21,101 applications, yield on admission offers this year was 45.2 percent. The newly matriculated group of students is one […]

Tufts releases admissions decisions for Class of 2021

UPDATE: A previous version of this article contained an statistic incorrectly reported to the Daily by the Office of Admissions. The article initially reported that 36 percent of students admitted to the Class of 2021 applied for need-based financial aid, but the actual number is 48 percent. Tufts received a record number of applications for […]

SMFA to change financial aid, tuition policies

The School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) at Tufts will increase tuition and replace merit scholarships with need-based financial aid for incoming students, according to university officials at both institutions. The shifts will effectively streamline the recently-acquired art school’s financial policies, making them closer to Tufts’ policies as a whole. The SMFA, which had […]

Op-ed: If possible, think about early graduation

A classmate of mine, recalling that I graduated early, recently shared with me Michael Shames’ Jan. 19 Daily article, “Graduating early provides a rare path for students.” The article got me thinking back three years ago to when I decided to graduate from Tufts a semester early. It wasn’t an easy decision, if only because the Tufts […]

Mind the Gap: The emotional toll of being poor on campus

I often forget how rich the people sitting next to me in class are. Most of my close friends at Tufts are also low income, and other friends are not likely to talk openly about their class (or even realize the privilege it holds). There is a certain stress that exists when you have grown […]