Citizen Shame: ‘Point Break’ my heart

Our second stop on this wonderful journey through the iconic sights of American film leaves us stranded in the depths of the ’90s — the darkest, Keanu-est, Vanilla Iciest part. Join me in taking a look back at the film that made everyone realize Gary Busey might just be an actual alien: 1991’s “Point Break.” […]

Senior Profile: Cecily Lo explores discomfort in performance, film

Graduating senior Cecily Lo made her first film, a stop-motion animation of clay figurines, at the age of 15 with her cousin. Years later, as a student at Tufts, she continues to explore her passion for film, dance and performance art in short videos that she posts on her personal Vimeo channel. “I’ve always been […]

On Location: Spain

In an early and pivotal scene in Pedro Almodóvar’s “Julieta” (2016), the young version of the titular character (Adriana Ugarte) rebuffs a conversation with an older man on a train. As she leaves and strikes up a conversation with fisherman Xoan (Daniel Grao), the train stops suddenly. With a terrible feeling in the pit of […]

On Location: Mali

In the opening scene of “Timbuktu” (2014), a group of radical jihadist soldiers try to hunt a gazelle from their SUV. Using a mounted gun, they pursue it across the sparse desert landscape, with brief pops of gunfire interrupting the splotchy sound of their car bounding over the rocky soil. There is no score, only […]

Do it this weekend: Feb. 17-19

Excited for the long weekend ahead? Check out some of the events happening around campus and the Boston area to keep you entertained. FRIDAY Tufts Muslim Students Association Presents: Interfaith Jummah Details: The Muslim Students Association will be joined by the new Muslim Associate Chaplain Abubakr Fakhry for Interfaith Jummah. The event will start with snacks […]

Do it this weekend: Feb. 10-12

Winter weather and national politics got you down? Whether you’re looking to relax or get involved, there’s plenty happening on campus and around the Boston area this weekend. FRIDAY “TUSC 2019 Presents: Winter Ball” Details: Kick off the spring semester at the House of Blues with the annual Winter Ball. Transportation is provided to and from the […]

Three years later ‘Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing’ won’t let viewers forget

While it’s been a little over three years since the terror of the Boston Marathon bombing, HBO’s “Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing” (2016), which premieres Nov. 21 at 8 p.m., attempts to recount the events that shook the nation to its core. The emotional documentary also serves as a good reminder to everyone that, while America may have moved on, […]

The Reel World: Slow-ass zombies

I empathize with the girl in the zombie movie. You can all conjure up the visual: She’s running down the street, a horde of undead chasing her. In the film that defined zombies for a generation, “Dawn of the Dead” (1978), we were introduced to a funny yet infuriating trope: No matter how fast the […]

Somerville Theater’s 70mm Film Festival revives magic of film

Running from Sept. 16 to Sept. 25, the Somerville Theatre’s 70mm and Widescreen Festival brought to the screen a bevy of films, presented in some of the most revered film formats. Featuring pictures from 1956 (“The Ten Commandments”) to 2014 (“Interstellar”), the series offered a potent reminder of the heights that movies can reach. The films on display […]

Beyoncé turns lemons into visual epic ‘Lemonade’

“Ashes to ashes, dust to sidechicks.” Queen Bey is back, everybody. And we aren’t ready for what she’s brought us. Going into Saturday night, very little was known about “Lemonade,” Beyoncé’s hour-long HBO event that had been announced just a week earlier. The special’s mysterious trailer featured the pop icon whispering questions in her distinctive rasp over […]