K. Martinez hired as new Women’s Center director

Tufts has hired K. Martinez, former Associate Director of the Diversity and First-Gen Office at Stanford University, to direct the Tufts Women’s Center. Martinez began their new role at Tufts on May 8. The hiring concludes a semester-long, nationwide search to replace former Women’s Center Director Steph Gauchel, according to Dean of Student Affairs Mary Pat McMahon. Gauchel left the center last February to become Assistant Dean […]

Editorial: Women’s March is the beginning, not the end

The day after the election, there was an air of melancholy on the Tufts campus. Given the political leanings of our campus, many students felt depressed and dejected. These students found at the Women’s March on Washington that took place both in Washington, D.C. and locally through Sister Marches in cities like Boston an outlet for self-expression, […]

More mature yet equally charming, ‘Girls’ season 5 is worth watching

Once controversial, “Girls” (2012 – present) has now become a veteran show that is mostly forgotten by mainstream audiences. After surviving diversity criticisms, anti-feminist prejudice and hysteria towards Lena Dunham after the release of her book, the show is not garnering the attention it received two years ago. Whether you are a fan or not, […]

‘Broad City’ is back with smart, self-deprecating comedy

Pearl-clutchers and Phyllis Schlafly devotees, beware: “Broad City” (2014-present) does not give a lick about your antiquated notions of feminine propriety. If anything, it wants to make you squirm. It revels in your discomfort. The show, which just premiered its third season on Feb. 17, makes previously bold forerunners like “Sex and the City” (1998-2004) and “Girls” (2012-present) look prudish, […]

Steph Gauchel leaves position as director of Women’s Center

This week, Steph Gauchel officially left her position as the director of Tufts Women’s Center. Gauchel, who had held the position for the past seven and a half years, relinquished the position to accept a job as the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at the Harvard Divinity School. She begins serving in her new role today, Feb. 29.  […]

Ecofeminism for All: Reflections before I’m shipped to Paris

In December 2013, I joined more than 150 students from Boston-area schools to march from Harvard Square to the Charles River, calling for fossil fuel divestment. I remember the excitement I felt upon realizing that the movement was not solely confined to the roughly 30 members of Tufts Divest, now known as Tufts Climate Action (TCA). […]

Jobs for whom?

This summer, I wrote an article for a small newspaper about natural gas extraction and production in Chautauqua County, N.Y., interviewing at least half a dozen people from local industries, governments and activist organizations. Natural gas is an influential yet contentious industry in this rural, economically depressed area. Though high-volume hydraulic fracturing (fracking) has been […]

Our bodies, for ourselves

“What makes YOU feel sexy?” “What do YOU love most about your body?” I am tired of these questions. Part of me wants to say that nothing makes me feel sexy, and that I don’t really mind. Or that I don’t love my body, and maybe never will, because loving my body seems like it would […]

Nancy Bauer discusses philosophy, pornography at Author Talk

Nancy Bauer, philosophy professor and dean of academic affairs for Arts and Sciences, discussed her new book “How to Do Things With Pornography“ in the Hirsch Reading Room yesterday afternoon. “How to Do Things With Pornography” was released this past April.  Bauer was the second speaker in the library’s ongoing Author Talk program, which is hosted by Friends of […]

Creative writing is for everyone

We tend to think of the math and science fields as being particularly hypermasculine and sexist. A class like creative writing, on the other hand, is seen as something “anyone” can participate in. People love to pretend creative writing allows us to understand “universal” human values that transcend differences of race, gender, sexuality, class, etc. But in reality, creating […]