Tufts community celebrates legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Students and faculty remembered the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. in an event entitled “Moving the Movement Forward” held yesterday at Goddard Chapel. This year’s celebration surrounded five themes: faith and hope, equality, unity and collective action, justice as well as action. The event began with a spoken-word performance by senior Cameron Flowers, who urged for […]

TCU Senate passes resolutions on Indigenous People’s Day and #TheThreePercent demands

Over 40 students attended Sunday night’s TCU Senate meeting to hear senators discuss two major resolutions on Indigenous People’s Day and solidarity with #TheThreePercent. Some of the students held signs with messages such as “#TuftsWithTheThree.” The first resolution called for the university to recognize Indigenous People’s Day in place of Columbus Day and was submitted by Chair of Student Outreach Committee Benya […]

TCU Election results

The Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate held an election yesterday to fill five openings on the Freshman Class Council, to select seven first-year senator seats and to fill three Community Representative positions. According to Tufts Elections Commission (ECOM) Chair Paige Newman, 44.88 percent of the eligible student body voted, meaning that 670 cast their ballots in the […]