The Weekly Chirp: To go or not to go

With the onset of fall arrives an unavoidable question: what am I going to do during winter break? The extended time at home can be daunting for some, especially for those of us living in New England, who are especially restricted in our ability to leave the house due to terrible weather. A trip down to […]

The Weekly Chirp: Fall plumage

Although our calendars proclaim Sept. 21 as the official first day of fall, any New Englander will tell you that it doesn’t really begin until the humid summer days are replaced with crisp afternoons and cool evenings. With this transition in climate arrives perhaps a more conspicuous change: the abrupt emergence of leggings and flannels. Yes, […]

Cold weather cinema: fall/winter film preview

If the rapidly approaching winter has you feeling down, look no further than your local movie theater. From science fiction blockbusters to bleak dramas and a feel-good Disney flick, there’s something for everyone as fall sets in and winter approaches. Here are the top picks of the season: “Doctor Strange,” Nov. 4 From “Sinister” (2012) director […]

Autumn’s rising stars: this season’s hottest movies

With the end of summer comes the end of the superhero and mega-blockbuster season. And with the beginning of fall comes the arrival of prestige pictures and potential Oscar winners. A slew of socially and culturally relevant films, as well as a few big-budget stragglers, are coming this September and October. Here are a few […]