Anita’s Angle: What opinion means to me

I have spent almost four years in the Daily’s Opinion section, sharing my takes with the Tufts community. This week, I started wondering why it matters, after a friend of mine shared with me that he doesn’t normally read opinion writing. He prefers data, numbers and objective information from which he is free to draw […]

Anita’s Angle: Facebook and the ‘post-truth’ era

This past week, Facebook’s market value dropped by $58 billion as it was revealed that the data of 50 million users was wrongfully obtained and misused by the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. Although Facebook has had many scrapes with the laws on privacy, including a consent decree with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in […]

Op-Ed: Being the bigger person: Bias in the media

There is a set of procedural political issues that most people are guilty of being hypocritical about. Boring stuff: states rights, government shutdowns, executive authority … Etcetera. We mold our opinions to the week’s issue or scandal. The 2013 shutdown was treasonous, but last week it was principled. Obama just had to deal with an […]

Op-Ed: Tragedy of the commons

When the internet first premiered, its upside was limitless. This was especially true in the political science community, where the internet was seen as a great equalizer and unifier. In his 1998 paper, “Can technology save democracy?”, Tracy Westen predicted that the internet would create more democratic participation by providing the platform for issue-based campaigns. According to […]

Op-Ed: The revolution will be tweeted

Resistance to the Trump Administration has come in the shape of the largest march in American history, calls for inclusion and acceptance from celebrities and the mobilization of the news media. But more recently, the White House has faced opposition from unlikely sources: the Twitter accounts of its own agencies. Faced with the prospect of […]

Editorial: The Trump administration’s war on media

Less than a month into his presidency, President Donald Trump has already sent shockwaves through the American public. Since taking office, he has signed numerous proclamations, executive orders and presidential memoranda implementing his campaign platform at surprising speed. He has ordered investigations into voter fraud, despite the lack of evidence suggesting any malfeasance (and diminishing his own victory in the process). […]

CBS News President David Rhodes discusses news media in politics

CBS News President David Rhodes spoke at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy last night at an event sponsored by the Edward R. Murrow Center for a Digital World. The primary subject of the discussion was the role of news media in the presidential election and beyond. Dean of the Fletcher School James Stavridis, introduced Rhodes […]