Ripple Effect: Free trade for whom?

Free trade certainly has its skeptics in the world’s wealthiest economies, especially in our own. Lost in the narrative of shuttered Detroit auto shops and a booming China, though, is the fact that trade liberalization doesn’t always shift production from rich countries to poor. In fact, the opposite can happen. The story of our globalizing […]

Looking out: Scottish distinction

I spent the past weekend in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, on a Tufts-organized trip. After a month in England, I felt a marked difference in Scotland. It felt more European, though it is farther from the continent than England. Scotland has its own language, Scottish Gaelic, though only a small minority speak it. Yet […]

Looking In: Order

This year has been a challenge to order. Whether you like the current order or not, at least it exists. We live in order, not in chaos. The existence of an order is not pre-ordained and there are places without it. A challenge to order can be a force for good when it is constructive […]

Bentley professor discusses economic future of EU

Michael Quinn, professor of economics and associate director of Ph.D programs at Bentley University, led a discussion last night on the economic conditions and current political situation of the European Union (EU). The lecture, titled “EU After the Great Recession,” was hosted by the Fletcher Political Forum at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, which hosts two […]