Digital Collections and Archives brings rich, complex history of Tufts to life

Tucked away on the G Floor of Tisch Library is the office of Tufts’ Digital Collections and Archives (DCA), which manages over five terabytes of data and a collection of physical records that would stretch for about two miles if it were laid out in a straight line. In addition to preserving university records, the DCA […]

Faculty to vote on new primary major in environmental studies

A new primary major for Environmental Studies (ENVS) may be available to students beginning in the fall 2018 semester, pending a vote by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in May, Dr. Colin Orians, Director of the Environmental Studies program and professor of biology, said. According to Orians, this follows approval for the new major by the Committee […]

Co-majors offer students interdisciplinary breadth, depth

There are currently five courses of study that can be categorized as co-majors, according to the Registrar of the Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering. These co-majors consist of biomedical sciences, biotechnology, education, environmental studies (ENVS) and science, technology and society (STS). The most recent Tufts Fact Book stated that out of 6,886 graduates […]

Union of Concerned Scientists president calls for resistance to Trump environmental policies

Ken Kimmell, president of the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), delivered a lecture on potential rollbacks to environmental policies under President Donald Trump’s administration, as well as the efforts being made by the environmental community to combat these rollbacks. The discussion, titled “Climate Strategy During the Trump Years,” took place yesterday in the Alumnae Lounge […]

ENVS program introduces new environmental humanities track

Starting this semester, the Environmental Studies (ENVS) program at Tufts is offering a new track to students called environmental humanities. The track focuses on how ideologies have influenced humans’ interactions with the environment, according to the program’s website. Harriet H. Fay Professor of Literature Elizabeth Ammons, who was part of a core group of faculty members working […]

Tufts Food Rescue Collaborative coordinates dining center food donation

Tufts Food Rescue Collaborative (TFRC), a university-affiliated food donation umbrella organization, is working to package and distribute uneaten food from Tufts Dining Services this semester, according to TFRC founders Shelby Luce and Lucy Zwigard. TFRC is a partnership between Dining Services, students, faculty, staff and Food for Free, a local NGO dedicated to redistributing food to homeless families. When it launched last March […]

Environmental studies will debut new Food Systems and Nutrition minor

The environmental studies department has announced its plans to unveil a new Food Systems and Nutrition minor that will be released in the fall of 2016. This initiative is being led by Professor Colin Orians, who has been the director of the environmental studies department since 2010. “The idea of having something related to food systems and […]

Distinguished professor to discuss nuances of GMOs

 The Environmental Studies Program is hosting a university-wide event on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) entitled “Future Food: Eco-friendly GMOs” in collaboration with the Community Health Program and the International Relations Program with support from the Office of the Provost this Thursday from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in Eaton 201. The event will be led by Professor and Foreign Associate of […]