‘Our Planet’ is full of tragic beauty

Sir David Attenborough is himself a force of nature. For decades, the producer and narrator has devoted his life to exploring the mysteries of the natural world, allowing viewers across the world a glimpse into the wonders of the planet. “Blue Planet” (2001) and “Planet Earth” (2007) are just two of Attenborough’s most famous narrated […]

Behind the scenes at Mail Services: Students share work experiences

Processing 70,000 packages annually, the Tufts University Mail Services Department is responsible for providing mail service to residence halls, small houses as well as university offices of the Medford, Boston and Grafton campuses, according to Senior Facilities Director Cory Pouliot. Mail Services is run by Support Services Manager Sheila Chisholm. It is staffed by four full-time […]

Pretty Lawns and Gardens: The real problem with Bitcoin

I never bought into the Bitcoin hype, partly because I personally don’t believe the world is quite ready for the transition to a completely anational digital currency. But if you’ve read my column, you know I care about the intersection of environmental, political and financial issues. My issue with cryptocurrency extends beyond financial arguments. I […]

Pretty Lawns and Gardens: Medford’s proposed bag ban does not go far enough

An Oct. 17 Daily article reported that Medford will likely be joining neighboring municipalities in implementing a partial plastic bag ban, affecting “thin film” plastic bags, by the end of the year. I’m always excited when a state or municipality takes the initiative to protect our environment, but in Medford’s case, I’m disappointed. Though it […]

The Weekly Chirp: Find your niche

Put simply, a niche is the ecological role a species plays in its environment. Think about the classic backyard birds and the niches they occupy — American robins hop around on the ground hunting for worms, downy woodpeckers drill holes in trees extracting insects and house finches crack thick seeds in their powerful bills. If […]

Pretty Lawns and Gardens: Is urbanization a positive force?

When I ask whether urbanization is a positive force, I am really asking two questions: Is the standard of living higher for people who live in cities? And, is it a positive force for the environment? Urbanization can lead to economic development, and, if done well, can help reduce the effects of climate change by […]

Environment America panel discusses renewable energy, role of universities

Disclaimer: Jake Taber is a former managing editor at The Tufts Daily. He is no longer involved in the Daily. Professor of Chemistry Jonathan Kenny, Education and Outreach Program Administrator at the Office of Sustainability Shoshana Blank and Environment America Clean Energy Fellow Jake Taber (LA ’17) discussed Environment America’s 100 percent renewable energy and Tufts’ efforts toward […]

Rebranded student environmental group looks to redefine its direction

The student environmental group on campus formerly known as the Tufts Sustainability Collective (TSC) has changed its name to Students for Environmental Awareness (SEA). The change comes after a decline in involvement, and the group hopes to inspire new membership by clarifying the organization’s purpose, refreshing its message and allowing its branch groups to operate with more independence, […]

Green Line Extension prioritized for federal funding

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)’s Green Line Extension (GLX) is on a list of transportation and infrastructure projects prioritized by President Donald Trump’s administration, according to a document obtained by the McClatchy Washington Bureau. The GLX project would extend the MBTA’s Green Line into Somerville and Medford, including a stop adjacent to Tufts at Medford’s College […]