Op-Ed: Elections are not optional

I write to express concern regarding the recent news that the Tufts Community (TCU) Elections Commission (ECOM) will be amending its bylaws to do away with formal elections for those running unopposed for their respective offices, as reported in “TCU Senate shares election updates, hears funding appeals” from the Feb. 5 edition of The Tufts Daily. […]

Editorial: The decision on Greek life and why transparency matters

As the semester comes to an end, the future of one important institution on campus still remains uncertain: Greek life. One potential reason the issue has not been resolved is a lack of pressure on the people responsible for making the decision, perhaps because many students do not know who has the power to determine Greek life’s future. One […]

Benya Kraus announces candidacy for TCU President

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article stated that the election for TCU President is on Tuesday, but it has been moved to Wednesday. Benya Kraus, the diversity & community affairs officer for Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate, is the only candidate for Wednesday’s election for TCU President. As a result, this year’s election will be […]

Editorial: On healing and moving forward

While the Daily never formally endorsed a candidate for this year’s election, Tuesday’s results came as a crushing blow for many. And though we pride ourselves on being politically inclusive and accepting of all voters’ decisions, electing Donald Trump as our next president represents more than just a political victory for a portion of conservative voters. Trump […]

The Arena: Carlos Danger’s last hurrah

This election is the terrible Christmas gift that just keeps on giving. At about half a dozen junctures in the last few months, I was ready to throw up my hands and call the election over. But I knew better after writing off Donald Trump earlier in this campaign. With the FBI re-opening its investigation […]

The Arena: Majority rule

Short of slapping a baby or some crazy WikiLeaks scandal, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton looks a pretty good bet to close out this election. Recent polls give her a better chance of winning Alaska, where a Democrat has not won since Lyndon Johnson in 1964, than Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump does of winning […]

Op-Ed: On the forefront of democracy in Massachusetts

Democracy isn’t confined to white marble halls, or to bucolic lawns, or to the carpeted floors of the U.S. Congress. It does not emerge solely from the mouths and minds of besuited white men with perfectly coiffed hair. Democracy, as it happens, can emerge in the most unlikely of places, from the work of any […]

Petition 15-31: Why you should support charter school expansion in November

A very visible number of Tufts students are already revving up to vote in the general election this November. And while Clinton, Trump and Johnson are discussed furiously, the local issues that affect our community are often brushed aside. Case in point: Petition 15-31, or “An Act to Allow Fair Access to Public Charter Schools.” This referendum […]