‘Billy on the Street’ pokes fun at celebrity culture

The season five premiere of “Billy on the Street” (2011-present) takes off with host/comedian Billy Eichner sprinting around the streets of New York alongside “Mad Men” (2007-2015) star Jon Hamm, asking people a fairly straightforward question: “Would you have a threesome with me and Jon Hamm?” The segment is hilarious, as many take the question […]

Professors from across fields discuss future of country, world under Trump presidency

Approximately 40 students gathered last night in the Terrace Room to attend a panel event entitled “What to Expect from a Trump Presidency,” sponsored by the Department of Political Science, Experimental College and the International Relations Program.  The panel was led by Chair of the Political Science Department Deborah Schildkraut and included Professor of Sociology Keith Maddox, Professor […]

Tufts students in Madrid host rally against Trump, intolerance

Tufts students studying abroad in Madrid, Spain, organized a rally entitled “Love Trumps Hate Madrid” yesterday afternoon in Plaza Puerta Del Sol. While the event was orchestrated by approximately 40 students in the Tufts-Skidmore Spain study abroad program, about 1,000 people in total, including students from La Universidad Autónoma, American tourists and members of the group […]

A post-election statement from the Nov. 9 faculty group at Tufts University

In this post-election moment, we have witnessed increasing threats to the present and future safety and wellbeing of our community. As faculty members at Tufts University, we pledge to actively commit ourselves to social justice and principles of community, compassion, decency and protection. We commit to continuing the work of teaching, conducting research and encouraging […]

Karachi vs. Kansas: The reality of identity politics

Faryal (F): When we wrote our last column, we were relatively optimistic about the results of the presidential election. All the polls were saying it was going to be a Clinton win, but all of those polls were wrong. To say I was shocked when I saw the results is an understatement. I genuinely thought […]

Editorial: On healing and moving forward

While the Daily never formally endorsed a candidate for this year’s election, Tuesday’s results came as a crushing blow for many. And though we pride ourselves on being politically inclusive and accepting of all voters’ decisions, electing Donald Trump as our next president represents more than just a political victory for a portion of conservative voters. Trump […]

Battle for the Senate: seven seats to follow

With the battle for the upper chamber coming down to the wire, there are seven Senate seats that will decide which party assumes control. 1. North Carolina: When Democrats failed to land a major recruit to challenge Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), Deborah Ross was originally written off by many political operatives due to her low name […]

Op-ed: Bernie Sanders’ single-payer plan doesn’t add up

Thanks to recent primary victories and an enormous shift in momentum, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is back in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. However, Sanders has recently come under attack for one of his most important policy proposals: the implementation of a single-payer healthcare system. According to healthcare experts, Sanders is off on […]

Earth On Fire: Free trade, continued

No issue has roiled this year’s Democratic presidential contest more than free trade. At a debate last week, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) charged that during her tenure as a senator former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “voted for virtually every disastrous trade agreement, which cost us millions of decent-paying jobs.” In a previous column, I […]