Tufts community members discuss role of distribution requirements in modern liberal arts university

Students and professors come and go on the Hill, but debate on the merits and flaws of distribution requirements for undergraduates in the School of Arts and Sciences has remained a constant over the years at Tufts. In total, graduation requirements — including distribution, writing, language and world civilization requirements — take students with no […]

Looking Out: Selfishness Won’t Save Us

Last semester, I went to an event at Oxford organized by The Economist called “The Future of Work.” This title has become shorthand for nebulous concepts such as “the AI/Automation revolution” and how they might lead to a mass chronic unemployment in the near future. I have had a keen interest in this for a couple years […]

Looking Out: Education beyond employment

Does education pay? The doubtless answer from decades of research says yes. Holding a high school degree leads to higher earnings, and a college degree even more so. Even with the oscillating trends of unemployment among the college-educated, the education premium is unmistakably real. The more puzzling question is why: Is it because education leads to […]

Polykhromatic: An argument for the interdisciplinary

What do you major in if you want to change the world? International relations? Peace and justice studies? I propose an alternative: art history. There are only 16 seniors graduating this spring with a degree in art history. What this tells me is that the subject has yet to shed its reputation as an esoteric, purely […]

Op-ed: The problem with armchair activism

As liberal America braces for an unapologetically right-wing Trump administration, the trope of the outraged liberal college student is almost cliché. Since the election, the majority of Tufts students has been lamenting the fact that our country chose a populist demagogue. Minutes after the election was decided, students made countless lengthy Facebook posts describing feeling sad, ashamed, […]

Editorial: Free tuition initiative not good enough

Many have lauded the new initiative of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to eliminate tuition payments for over 940,000 students and families in the State University of New York (SUNY) and City University of New York (CUNY) public university system. He unveiled the scholarship earlier this month alongside Senator Bernie Sanders, drawing praise from Sanders’ progressive following as well […]

Editorial: Improving campus dialogue on alcohol safety

Excessive alcohol use has become fairly prevalent on college campuses, with many universities instituting programs that encourage responsible drinking habits and highlight student resources to combat the issue. While Tufts has taken steps to promote safe social environments, there are noticeable gaps in students’ education on such a pervasive issue. Looking at the current initiatives here at Tufts, there is […]

Op-Ed: This November, vote no on racism, classism and charter schools

Recently, the Tufts Daily published an article entitled, “Petition 15-31: Why you should support charter school expansion in November.” I intend to counter that point; simply put, this article will explain why I believe you should vote not to support charter school expansion in Massachusetts this November. Charter schools have been increasingly touted as the […]