Editorial: Tufts betrays itself through Sackler ties

The time has long since passed for Tufts University to sever ties with Purdue Pharma. After the January lawsuit brought against Purdue by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey revealed the corrupt relationship between the Sackler family and Tufts University, students and faculty throughout our university, and at the Tufts University School of Medicine in particular, […]

Letter from the editors: Our op-ed guidelines

To our readers and contributors in the Tufts community, As a student-run newspaper reporting on issues pertinent to Tufts, your input is crucial to us. We regularly publish op-eds from students, faculty, staff, alumni, residents of areas surrounding the university and other stakeholders in the well-being of our community. We want to give a platform […]

Editorial: Leisure reading is good reading

For many students, the Tisch Library is a symbol of unrelenting work. It represents hours spent studying for midterms, working on group projects and typing dreaded final essays. Recently, Tisch Library created the Leisure Reading Collection, a set of books for students to read in their downtime. Students should take advantage of this new addition to the […]

Letter to the Editor: A response to ‘Breaking the culture of sleep deprivation’

To the editor, We in Tisch Library are committed to providing a welcoming, inclusive environment for the Tufts community. We appreciate and share your concerns about student health and wellness addressed in your Oct. 23 editorial on “the culture of sleep deprivation.” Balancing work and life can be challenging (for us as well!). However, it’s for […]

Editorial: On-campus social groups should all be Green Dot certified

Content warning: This editorial discusses sexual violence. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. As events like It Happens Here spread awareness through stories of sexual misconduct at our university and beyond, we must re-examine our campus culture to address these issues head on. We encourage as many social spaces as possible to become Green Dot certified, a pivotal first step to […]

Letter to the Editor: Pass/fail distribution requirements

The Tufts Daily published an editorial on Monday suggesting that giving distribution requirements a pass/fail option will improve students’ experiences. No, it won’t. They claim that people err away from difficult classes because they don’t wish to damage their GPA, and instead of taking Intro to Chem they take Plants and Humanity. Here’s the problem: If someone […]

Editorial: On resistance and privilege

International Women’s Day on March 8 marked the first Day Without a Woman. This day played into a string of recent protests speaking out against the values and actions of the new presidential administration. On March 8, women were encouraged to “take the day off from paid or unpaid labor,” “avoid shopping for one day (with […]

Editorial: Women’s March is the beginning, not the end

The day after the election, there was an air of melancholy on the Tufts campus. Given the political leanings of our campus, many students felt depressed and dejected. These students found at the Women’s March on Washington that took place both in Washington, D.C. and locally through Sister Marches in cities like Boston an outlet for self-expression, […]

Editorial: Updating distribution requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences

It has been decades since the graduation requirements for the College of Arts and Sciences at Tufts have been seriously and holistically re-evaluated. The Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate and faculty members are currently assessing whether or not our long-held distribution requirements are congruent with the university’s current values and needs. The graduation requirement system mandates that students in […]