Editorial: Reassessing unpaid internships

As the job market becomes more competitive, students must find new ways to differentiate themselves from their peers. Unpaid internships have long been a way for college students to gain exposure to the types of work they would like to do in the future without a financial commitment on the part of the company hiring […]

Editorial: Why the obsession with Hillary’s health?

Last week, headlines about the presidential race took a sharp turn away from policy and merit and toward the supposedly fluctuant health of the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. Unable to escape controversy, Clinton found herself under intense scrutiny after almost fainting at a Sept. 11 memorial service, the result of a brief bout of pneumonia that left her tired […]

Editorial: Leave your door open

After spending four years of high school trying to define yourself, it’s easy to fall prey to the idea that you’ve already figured out what you’re good at and what isn’t quite your cup of tea. What you may not realize, though, is that you’ve probably never had as many opportunities readily available to you […]

The New York Times front page editorial is more than just opinion

“End the Gun Epidemic in America.” On Friday, The New York Times published a front page editorial, its first since 1920, under this unequivocal headline. In the article, the paper’s editorial board called for American politicians and policymakers to take concrete action to end the mass shootings that occur with alarming frequency in this country. […]

Ban on public assembly hurts legitimacy of Paris climate talks

The French police announced on Friday that it has put under house arrest at least 24 environmental activists who had openly flouted the ban on protesting put in place for the duration of this week’s COP21 climate summit in Paris, according to a Nov. 27 article in The Guardian. The warrants for the protestors’ arrests were granted under France’s state […]

France’s far-right poses threat to French democracy following Paris attacks

Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris left the world in shock. In the heart of one of Europe’s foremost cities, a living symbol of the aspirations of democracy and multicultural liberalism, concert-goers were taken hostage, Friday evening diners were gunned down and soccer fans were terrorized. The death toll now stands at over 130. Hundreds are wounded. Paris itself, it seems, […]

Obama’s Keystone XL decision is about more than just the environment

President Obama finally vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline project on Friday after keeping it on the table for the past seven years, bringing an end to nearly a decade of activist and political drama. The move demonstrated a turn in Obama’s growing pro-environmentalist leanings as he prepares to enter his last year as president.  While the dialogue around […]

Worsening contract laws threaten to trap generation of students in debt

As of the end of last year, the burden of excessive student loan debt was affecting 40 million American students, whose debt totaled $1 trillion. Student debt is also the only type of consumer debt that has actually risen since the Great Recession, increasing by 84 percent between 2008 and 2014, according to a study by Experian. At […]

Administration must plan for new dorms in light of growing political pressure

The new, massive Science and Engineering Complex (SEC) being erected near Bromfield-Pearson and Anderson Halls, which is slated for completion in 2017, as well as the recently completed 574 Boston Ave. building and the complex at 200 Boston Ave. that was completed in 2012, all display the university’s admirable commitment to developing its STEM programs. The question should […]

Tufts, too, must contend with nation of guns

Last Thursday, Americans faced a disturbingly familiar news report: there had been another shooting, this time at a college in Oregon. A white man, potentially driven by hatred, nihilism or a desire to see his name in lights, was able to acquire 13 guns legally, according to NBC. President Barack Obama seemed at a loss […]