Op-Ed: Pursuing economics: A call for active engagement

A recent article discussed the scarcity of women in the economics department and the comparatively good female faculty representation at Tufts. The article stated that the conceptual demands of the discipline cause significant attrition. Although the presence of female faculty is undoubtedly a strength of the department, this characterization fails to advocate for what is […]

Faculty, graduate students discuss scarcity of women in economics department

There are fewer women than men among both professors and students in the economics department at Tufts, according to Professor Dan Richards, chair of the Department of Economics. Richards told the Daily in an email that 35 percent of undergraduates majoring in economics or quantitative economics at Tufts are women. On Feb. 2, The New York Times […]

EconoFact continues to grow, reintroduces facts, analysis into policy debates

EconoFact, an online publication launched just over a year ago by faculty at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, is continuing to work toward its mission of reintroducing facts and economic analysis into public discourse on social and economic policy. EconoFact provides data and analysis of current policy issues through short memos written in accessible […]

Op-Ed: How to care about people and also major in economics

Recently, I read an article in the Tufts Observer that recommended the economics department teach theories other than capitalism in order to prepare students to confront the racism, sexism and inequality in our society. The article cites capitalism as the cause of these problems and argues that the economics department is complicit in their existence […]

Editorial: On resistance and privilege

International Women’s Day on March 8 marked the first Day Without a Woman. This day played into a string of recent protests speaking out against the values and actions of the new presidential administration. On March 8, women were encouraged to “take the day off from paid or unpaid labor,” “avoid shopping for one day (with […]

New Fletcher publication Econofact aims to reintroduce facts in economic analysis

This past election cycle has put the integrity and veracity of journalism in the spotlight, with rhetoric about “alternative facts” abounding. In response, the Edward R. Murrow Center for a Digital World at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy announced the advent of Econofact in January. The website, directed by William L. Clayton Professor of International Economic Affairs Michael Klein […]

Student group aims to provide support, connection for women in Social Sciences

A new student group, Women in the Social Sciences, formed this semester with the intent of connecting and empowering women studying the social sciences at Tufts. According to group co-founder Eva Kahan, the group will have education, outreach and community committees and will look to provide its members with networking and career opportunities. “We are hoping to form a […]

Nancy Birdsall discusses the necessity of middle-class societies

Nancy Birdsall, founding president of the Center for Global Development, talked about the importance of building middle-class societies at a lecture entitled “Development in this Century: Building Middle Class Societies” at 51 Winthrop St. last night, as a part of the 2016 Birger Lecture series, sponsored by the economics department. Professor of Economics Jeffrey Zabel introduced Birdsall, noting that she has […]

An Uneasy Alliance

The Danes are all the rage. For more than a decade, Denmark and its fellow Northern European countries have been upheld as the standard bearers of democracy, countries that consistently place among the world’s leaders in education, employment and citizen happiness. During this election’s debate cycle, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has repeatedly cited Denmark as […]

An open letter to Thanksgiving

Dear Thanksgiving, I’ve never known exactly what to make of you. My family never had big get-togethers, and my being vegetarian tends to limit my turkey consumption. Plus, I’m guilty of framing you in my head as a pre-Christmas of sorts. But in recent years, I’ve started trying to give you more credit. Now that […]