Op-Ed: How to care about people and also major in economics

Recently, I read an article in the Tufts Observer that recommended the economics department teach theories other than capitalism in order to prepare students to confront the racism, sexism and inequality in our society. The article cites capitalism as the cause of these problems and argues that the economics department is complicit in their existence […]

Murphy’s Law: At Tufts, capitalism is intellectual diversity

In response to a recent call to move “beyond capitalism” in the economics department at Tufts, I think it is important to remind ourselves that any academic department’s mission is to teach students to apply the tenets of its field to complex problems and their future careers, not to obsess over fighting Donald Trump. Before […]

Five-year classroom renovation project makes advances

In 2014, the Learning Spaces Planning Committee conducted a study that concluded that Tufts needed to upgrade nearly 200 of its classrooms over the following five years, according to Director of Campus Planning Lois Stanley. This plan, known as the five-year classroom renovation project, includes refurbishing and improving out-of-date teaching labs, auditoria, flat-floor lecture-style rooms and computer labs […]