Looking In: Order

This year has been a challenge to order. Whether you like the current order or not, at least it exists. We live in order, not in chaos. The existence of an order is not pre-ordained and there are places without it. A challenge to order can be a force for good when it is constructive […]

TrapFest Festival highlights local artists and community

Anyone walking down Professors Row on Friday afternoon would have heard the flying verses of Dutch Rebelle, seen students gathered on the grass of the Africana Center yard, felt the energy and come to the same conclusion about TrapFest that was being shouted by the crowd: it’s lit. Tufts’ first annual TrapFest outdoor music festival featured Brooklyn […]

Defining Desire in ‘Divine Desire’

Desiring to aesthetically render the allure of human flesh, artists have sought innovative ways to represent the human body — both over-sexualizing and muting its carnal nature. The nude in the classical period, while often devoid of clothing, carefully concealed the nakedness of its form, replacing the overtly erotic with a refined grace. However, as […]