Tracing Tufts’ history in housing

The quality and quantity of residence halls are a subject of frequent controversy at Tufts. The chaotic housing placement system, the ongoing housing crisis, the recent acquisition of former fraternity and sorority houses in a half-hearted response to said crisis, the conspicuous renovations of Miller and Houston Halls and the controversial introduction of tiered housing […]

In midst of campus renovations, Lewis residents faced flood damage

Lewis Hall is one of the largest of the six traditional residence halls on campus for sophomores, housing 57 doubles, 74 singles and three triples. Lewis has undergone several renovations in recent years including bathroom repairs and roofing replacements, according to Gretchen Von Grossmann, director of capital programs at Tufts. She added that there are […]

Editorial: Tufts has allowed the housing crisis to go too far

Luxury housing is a growing trend at many colleges around the world. From fireplaces to hot tubs to spin studios, these apartment complexes seem to really have it all — and they embody wealth and privilege. This is where Scape, the British firm that recently bought out half a block of prime real estate in […]

Tiered housing implemented as CoHo’s final phase opens its doors

The start of this school year marks both the end of construction on Tufts’ latest housing development and the implementation of a major new housing policy. According to the Tufts Student Life (TSL) website,  the anticipated tiered housing policy, which will change on-campus housing prices based on quality, is to be implemented in the 2019–20 […]

Miller Hall open to residents, Houston Hall prepared for renovations

Construction on Miller Hall is largely completed, and renovations on Houston Hall have begun, according to Joshua Hartman, director of Residential Life and Learning (ResLife). Students living in Miller who were temporarily placed in Houston for the fall 2018 semester were moved back at the end of December 2018, Hartman said in an email to the Daily. Miller reopened […]

First-year dorms Houston, Miller to undergo renovations in summer 2018

Houston and Miller Halls are scheduled to undergo complete renovation this summer, according to a statement composed of comments from Vice President for Operations Barbara Stein, Executive Director of Public Relations Patrick Collins, Dean of Student Affairs Mary Pat McMahon, Communications Specialist Mickey Toogood, Associate Director of Housing Operations Matthew Austin, Associate Dean of Student Affairs Christopher […]

ResLife to bring a series of renovations to expand on-campus housing options

Adding to the recent changes in the housing lottery process, the Office of Residential Life and Learning (ResLife) plans to make a series of changes and renovations to the existing housing units on campus to maximize their utility and to provide a better living experience, according to Matt Austin, associate director for housing operations in ResLife. Austin said there will […]

Letter to the University: Fix the Tufts housing crisis by building new dorms, slashing enrollment

With Tufts now confronting an unprecedented housing emergency after decades of unrelenting enrollment growth and expansion into our residential neighborhood, the Residential Strategies Working Group (RSWG) recently announced its intended solution: expansion of undergraduate housing into the residential homes Tufts has purchased along the edges of our Somerville and Medford communities. This is completely unacceptable. To […]

Jumping Hurdles: Keeping clean

Last night, my housemate accidentally put dish soap in the dishwasher instead of actual dishwashing detergent. One hour of chaos, wet socks, laughter and foam ensued, along with a very spotless kitchen. A word of advice to all aspiring, trying-to-be-functional-adults: don’t ever put dish soap in your dishwasher. It will create more soap suds than you could […]

Channeling Ina: Dorm recipes for freezing weather

When the temperature is lower than your age and the ice patches outside of your dorm seem just a little too slippery, going outside isn’t really in the cards. Besides, it’s warm and cozy indoors, and with a few tricks (and a micro-fridge) you can make a dinner so delicious you won’t even miss going […]