Jonas Brothers reunion sparks mid-aughts nostalgia

The recent trend of 1990s nostalgia has brought with it a wave of boyband reunions. Iconic groups such as The Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block, whose members are now well into their 40s, are dropping albums and announcing reunion tours to the delight of their now-grown millennial fans. But what about the youngest […]

Five things to expect at the 2019 box office

Watching how blockbusters perform at the box office can be somewhat of an event. The large-budget films open big, break a few records and then go on to gross millions, possibly billions, of dollars across the world. Each year, it seems that more blockbusters are watched, especially as they cross the billion-dollar mark or have a […]

How to beat the summer heat: Upcoming movie blockbusters

With commencement upon us, now is a perfect time to look toward the future. While our most recent Tufts graduates will undoubtedly be moving on to bigger and better things, the cinematic realm is poised for another summer of excellence. And what better way to celebrate an event as momentous as graduation than with dinner […]

A Column From a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Episode 1

Picture this: a 10-year-old boy wearing oversized basketball shorts and bright orange Crocs hops off his bicycle, runs through a backyard to his house and sits dangerously close to the living room television. That 10-year-old boy is me, and yes, I did own bright orange Crocs, and they were the ultimate accessory. I still own a […]

Pixar’s latest film ‘Coco’ makes for pleasant family viewing

The concept of life beyond death draws much fascination from storytellers. Pixar’s newest film, “Coco” (2017), does not necessarily stage it as a central point, but rather uses it to emphasize the coexistence of family and ambition. This idea develops through the actions of an eager boy from Mexico who breaks from tradition on Día […]

‘Beauty and the Beast’ meets expectations set by animated original

Though oftentimes a toss-up, movie remakes have the potential to breathe new life into a film, expanding followings and updating classic or forgotten works. That being said, they can also be dangerous; a bad remake can destroy a film’s reputation and lower audience perception of the original movie. The 2017 live-action remake of the 1991 […]

The Reel World: Christmas movies

As I sit on my parents’ couch writing this, my sister and I are watching our family’s favorite Christmas movie, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (2000). Yes, it is the live-action version; sorry, Boris Karloff fans. Some may chide me for “starting Christmas too early” and “forgetting about Thanksgiving,” but I disagree for two reasons. […]

Cold weather cinema: fall/winter film preview

If the rapidly approaching winter has you feeling down, look no further than your local movie theater. From science fiction blockbusters to bleak dramas and a feel-good Disney flick, there’s something for everyone as fall sets in and winter approaches. Here are the top picks of the season: “Doctor Strange,” Nov. 4 From “Sinister” (2012) director […]

Let’s talk about ‘Rogue One’: Analysis and predictions

Four billion dollars seems like an awfully high price to pay for a galaxy far, far away, but when Disney shelled out for the rights to “Star Wars,” they weren’t just buying the rights to make a new trilogy but rather the potential to create a constellation of films set against the rich backdrop George Lucas […]

Weekender: Enchanted a capella group defies the odds

Imagine starting a business in a field that’s already crowded with well-known names. You lack the name recognition of the other brands, which makes it hard to attract new recruits. You can’t match the institutional resources of your competitors. And on top of all that, you have virtually no experience in the industry. It would […]