Looking Out: Suspended

Ever since last year’s attempted coup, the Erdogan regime in Turkey has become even more sensitive to criticism and has increased its arrests of journalists, NGO workers and others who speak up against the authoritarian regime. Lately, these raids and long-term detainments have started to affect foreigners residing in Turkey. These foreigners included German, Finnish and U.S. […]

Dear Jumbo: Don’t be yourself

“I’m sick of this whole job application thing where I have to fit in a specific mold, measured by GPA and resumes that do not define who I am.” You may have heard or even experienced a similar sentiment before. Think about adapting to the norms of new friends or applying for jobs (hello seniors!). […]

Tufts hosts conference to address sustainable development in the Arctic

Fletcher Arctic VI, a two-day conference, took place over the weekend at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. The annual Fletcher Arctic Conference has been hosted since 2012 to discuss the implications of sustainable development in the Arctic, according to the event website. Many professors, students, government officials and entrepreneurs gathered to participate in the event. During the […]

The politics of language: Teaching Arabic in U.S. colleges

Three times a week, sophomore Chase Troxell climbs to the very top of Olin Hall and, along with five other classmates, crowds into a tiny room with an excellent view of the Residential Quad. They all file into the seats in front the row, awaiting the professor, who walks in, looks up and greets the class before […]