More than just code: DevTech researches new approaches to STEM education

There are some skills that are important to everyone at every stage of life, including independent and creative problem-solving and critical thinking.  When should these skills be taught, and how? Professor Marina Umaschi Bers and the team at the Developmental Technologies Research Group (DevTech) are researching an answer to this question and coming to new conclusions that may […]

Senior Profile: Isha Patnaik

Whether writing and performing sketch and stand-up comedy for Tufts comedy groups or working to make the community a better place through service work, graduating senior Isha Patnaik works toward fostering inclusivity and engagement. Patnaik grew up in the Bay Area as the daughter of Indian immigrants. She was surrounded by a primarily Asian community and attended a high […]

DevTech Lab unites technology and education

The Tufts-based DevTech Research Group’s lab, located in the Eliot-Pearson Children’s School building on College Ave., is in the business of creating unique learning experiences for kids. Currently, the lab focuses on creating developmentally appropriate technologies for young children. According to Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study Professor Marina Bers, the lab, which came together in 2008, initially focused on designing technologies for […]

New app teaches children programming

ScratchJr, a free iPad application that teaches five- to seven-year-olds how to program and was developed through a collaboration between the Tufts Developmental Technologies (DevTech) Research Group, MIT Media Lab and the Playful Invention Company, was released to the public this July. An Android version of the app is expected to be released in 2014, […]