The 617: Race for governor

In Massachusetts, the race for state governor has been in full swing for almost a year. Massachusetts has had a history of electing Republican governors. Of the state’s four most recently elected governors including Governor Charlie Baker, all but one — Deval Patrick — are Republican. Why? States don’t always like to practice what they preach. While Massachusetts citizens consistently […]

Murphy’s Law: The death of the liberal

I came to Tufts a proud Democrat and confident progressive. As a result of liberal identity politics, I will leave in May without a clear political identity. This is why the Democratic Party cannot win elections and someone like Stephen Miller can end up a senior White House official. Progressive icons like Roosevelt, Johnson and […]

Red, White and True: What does the future hold?

“Never make predictions, especially about the future.” – Casey Stengel It has certainly been a crazy year in the political world. Those who study political science theories were perplexed as Donald Trump flipped the world on its head with his successful presidential campaign. So much has changed, and yet so much is still the same. Washington, […]

Op-ed: So you willfully misunderstood the protestors

Editor’s note: The following is a response to a March 8 op-ed by first-year Rachel Wolff titled “So you protested Governor Baker.” You claim the Tufts administration is embarrassed by our actions. Well, I am embarrassed to attend a university that claims to unconditionally support undocumented students, yet welcomes a man who stated he would […]

Looking In: Jon Ossoff

President Donald Trump recently appointed Representative Tom Price (R-GA) to serve as his Health and Human Services secretary. After he got confirmed, his seat, the sixth congressional district of Georgia, was officially open. Georgia’s sixth is a mostly white, conservative suburb of Atlanta and has had Republican congressmen for the last generation. Price won the district by […]

Out of Left Field: Political All-Star team

Inspired by a post in the Effectively Wild Facebook group and Trevor Bauer’s recent Twitter rant, I’m building the best all-Democrat and all-Republican rosters using wins above replacement (WAR). The criteria: The players must have played in the majors and made political statements in some form (donations, endorsements, tweets — looking at you, Curt Schilling). My initial […]

The future of healthcare

Editor’s Note: This is the first of a two-part series on the state of U.S. healthcare and its future. The election of President Donald Trump has ramifications across every policy field, but it may have the largest impact on healthcare. Election night immediately called into question the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). With […]

Op-Ed: Not your mother’s Thanksgiving

On the scale of political views, I hover between “very liberal” and “extremely liberal.” This is not the case for a lot of my friends and family. In fact, my parents often have a hard time understanding how I have ended up so far on the left. It’s an oddity in a state such as […]

Point-Counterpoint: Voting for third-party candidates

‘Point-Counterpoint’ juxtaposes two opposing perspectives on polarizing issues and debates. The following responses, written by the Daily’s opinion section, address both sides of the debate on voting for third-party candidates in the 2016 presidential election. The case for third-party voting In the 2016 presidential election, third parties are forecasted to enjoy an almost unprecedented level of support. Current […]