El Centro: Over tea, not fire

At Tufts, we call ourselves quirky. We say that we’re striving for equality and for inclusion. We say we want diversity. But who really is this “we”? Who is included in this narrative? In one of my seminar courses, I sit in the same seat every class. I won’t say that there is no shuffling, but […]

Tufts Debate Society hosts West Point team in mass surveillance debate

The Tufts Debate Society hosted the debate team from the United States Military at West Point for a debate about mass surveillance on Nov. 17, in front of an audience of students and Debate Society members. The Tufts team argued in favor of mass surveillance, while the West Point debaters argued in opposition. Each participating team […]

How do Tufts Democrats, Republicans, Left Unity Project fit into CIVIC’s two-party debate?

Tufts CIVIC held a debate between Tufts Republicans and Tufts Democrats in ASEAN Auditorium at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy on Oct. 26. The debate covered U.S. foreign and domestic policy, which included everything from legislation regarding reproductive health to how to best deal with the potential threat in North Korea. When asked about the goal […]

Senior Profile: Drew Latimer

Graduating senior Drew Latimer may be a Greek and Latin major, but he has also been taking many different courses outside of the Department of Classics. Having been a member of the Tufts Debate Society since his first year, Latimer has worked to broaden his knowledge base while in college through both the wide variety of courses he has taken and […]

Op-ed: So you protested Governor Baker

You’ve succeeded, you believe. The Boston Globe covered your protest and discussed the issues. The Tufts administration, at which you were angry for inviting a speaker whose platform you did not support, was embarrassed by your actions. You are sure this means that they will not be inviting any more “controversial” speakers in the future. […]

Students, faculty gather to discuss, watch final presidential debate

Tufts community members gathered in spaces across campus last night to view the third and final presidential debate featuring Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Before the debate, the Office of the Provost, Tisch College of Civic Life and JumboVote hosted a panel moderated by Provost David Harris and featuring School […]

Oh, hey, look, another debate commentary

It’s Wednesday, Oct. 5, which means it’s basically Halloween. Which means happy Thanksgiving! Which means wow, I can’t believe it’s winter break already. It also means that the first presidential debate was nine days ago. I know, I’m super late to the post-debate discussion party, and I’m sorry — it’s just that my parents taught […]