Weidner’s Words: WADA they gonna do?

“Icarus,” the 2017 Oscar-winning documentary, takes a deep look into the epidemic of doping in cycling and along the way uncovers a deeper scandal surrounding the Russian Olympic team and its doping problems. One thing that the documentary reveals is that if someone wants to dope or utilize some other type of performance-enhancing drug, they will be […]

Tufts Bikes’ fix-it stand aims to make campus more bike-accessible

After several months of research and cost negotiations, a new bike repair stand stationed outside Mayer Campus Center opened to the public last monday, April 18. Tufts Bikes President Claire Stone, a junior, says it has already seen some use. The stand cost $3864, $2864 of which was paid for by Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate out of the supplementary […]

Bridge the Gap: Waiting on a way to keep cyclists safe

Urban cycling is here to stay. That might seem obvious. But we live in a world where many honestly believe that roads are only meant for motor vehicles. So I reiterate, especially now that more people are choosing to forgo cars in favor of alternative transportation — cycling is here to stay. But this does not […]