Out of Left Field: Béisbol en Cuba

Over spring break, I got to visit Havana, Cuba on an educational trip. Part of that education was learning about the Revolution, Fidel and the political history of Cuba. But the other part was learning about the culture of baseball on the island. From walking around Havana to visiting the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes to running […]

Out of Left Field: A tribute to José Fernández

It’s taken me a while to organize my thoughts on this. Better writers have written better tributes and mine merely echoes their sentiments, but I thought it was important to write my tribute to José Fernández. I sat in the cafeteria at the hospital where I spend my Sunday mornings on my break, eating breakfast […]

Inaugural poet Richard Blanco speaks at Tufts’ annual John Holmes Memorial Poetry Reading

The poet Richard Blanco spoke to an audience of approximately 60 students, alumni and community members yesterday afternoon at the 12th John Holmes Memorial Poetry Reading in the Hirsch Reading Room of Tisch Library. During the talk, Blanco, President Barack Obama’s inaugural poet in 2013 and the fifth inaugural poet in U.S. history, read poetry from throughout his career and spoke about his life as […]

Potential for growth in Cuban human rights

Reestablishing diplomatic relations with Cuba has been one of Obama’s most controversial actions in office. New policies will affect everything from economics to immigration, and most importantly, human rights. Under the embargo, Cuba’s isolation made it insusceptible to US pressure, but the Obama administration is now in the position to influence its approach to human […]