Op-ed: Bernie should drop out for the sake of his revolution

There is tremendous power in the campaign that Bernie Sanders has run, and he’s absolutely right on a great many issues. He’s right that the American economy is rigged. He’s right that climate change is currently the greatest threat to the United States, yet our country has done little to nothing to fight it. He’s […]

The Arena: Going for brokered

July in Cleveland usually entails supporting a mediocre Indians team and hoping that a cool band plays at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This summer will be a little more exciting. The Republican National Convention could be the most dramatic weekend in the city since LeBron’s decision to take his talents to South […]

The Arena: Don with the win

I’ve never been a particularly great poker player; I just don’t have the patience not to go all in after a few hands. As loyal readers of “The Arena” (Hi mom!) will know, I’ve been pretty set on Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton as the inevitable nominees. I’m doing well with my Hillary Clinton pick, […]

‘The Circus’ is great entertainment, and that’s part of the problem

In 1985, the academic Neil Postman published “Amusing Ourselves to Death,” a scathing polemic on how modern media has degraded public discourse by reducing everything — politics, religion, education and journalism — to entertainment. His dire warnings, which might once have seemed alarmist in a pre-Internet era, now ring eerily prophetic, especially in the realm of politics. Case […]

The Arena: Rubi-uh-oh…

After being bombarded with advertisements and door-to-door canvassing, the people of Iowa finally got to cast the first votes in the process to find America’s next president. For all the pre-caucus hype, Iowans didn’t disappoint. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton edged out Bernie Sanders (who cleaned up last night in New Hampshire) by less […]