R.E.A.L. Talk: Second chances are not a guarantee

As summer starts, students are leaving campus to plan their futures. Many will find summer jobs and internships, and they will return to their studies here at Tufts in September. Some will travel and take advantage of the time away from school. Many, like myself, will be graduating and starting a new chapter of our lives. […]

R.E.A.L. Talk: Light at the end of the tunnel

Twenty years ago, I was taking one semester off. I was just working to save money for the next class. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. School was in the future, but I did not know when or why or how. Twenty years ago, I never would have pictured myself […]

5 artsy classes the arts section recommends

To celebrate Majors Week, the arts section of the Daily has compiled you a list of inspiring classes related to arts, offered by various departments: 1) Cassidy Olsen, arts editor: FMS 0078 – Japanese Film “Whether you’re a seasoned film student or a newbie looking for a double whammy art and world civilization credit, FMS 78 […]

New group Damsels to provide supportive platform for women writers

Damsels is a new student club this fall that aims to create a comfortable, affirmative space for women writers at Tufts and beyond. The club creates a community and platform for women writers to share their stories by providing resources that expose women’s voices to broader communities, according to founders Kriska Desir and Chopper Carter-Schelp, both sophomores. “The goal of […]

Creative writing is for everyone

We tend to think of the math and science fields as being particularly hypermasculine and sexist. A class like creative writing, on the other hand, is seen as something “anyone” can participate in. People love to pretend creative writing allows us to understand “universal” human values that transcend differences of race, gender, sexuality, class, etc. But in reality, creating […]