Special interest housing seeks more proactive community building on campus

Sixteen different special interest houses exist on the Tufts campus. While the upcoming Capen Village project plans to expand themed housing and broaden social spaces at Tufts, residents of several existing special interest houses — as well Tufts Community Union President Benya Kraus — have recognized blocks in engaging students campus-wide and are committed to further community building. Colin Trimmer, […]

Senior Profile: Conor Ward

As a dual-degree student at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) and the School of Arts and Sciences, graduating senior Conor Ward has spent much of his time at Tufts traveling between the Medford/Somerville and Fenway campuses. Out of everyone Ward has known during his college experience, the person who has impacted […]

Crafts Center prepares to debut first ‘Spring Art Show’

This semester, the Daily has covered a myriad of events, from faculty-sponsored performances such as “Art Flashes” to student-organized exhibitions like “NASTY WOMEN x Tufts.” These events not only showcase the talent of Tufts students, especially since Tufts acquired the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) last summer, but they are also networking opportunities […]

Polykhromatic: On virtual creative spaces

Where do we find creative communities at Tufts? Perhaps our first instinct is to begin our search in physical space: Tufts has dozens of performance groups, ensembles and unique publications, as well as an Arts Haus and a Crafts House. There’s also the SMFA, art studios in Lane Hall, the Crafts Center and the Tufts Art Gallery. While this […]

Do it this weekend: Feb. 10-12

Winter weather and national politics got you down? Whether you’re looking to relax or get involved, there’s plenty happening on campus and around the Boston area this weekend. FRIDAY “TUSC 2019 Presents: Winter Ball” Details: Kick off the spring semester at the House of Blues with the annual Winter Ball. Transportation is provided to and from the […]

TCU Senate debates on late night dining funding, new equipment for Crafts Center

The Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate met Sunday night to discuss several supplementary funding requests and project updates. TCU Senate President Gauri Seth opened the meeting, announcing that it was the second-to-last of the semester and quickly recognizing Women’s Community Senator Walae Hayek for her work in getting tampon dispensers in nearly all women’s bathrooms on […]

TCU Senate reconvenes following spring break

The Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate met last night to discuss several supplementary funding requests and committee updates. TCU President Brian Tesser opened the meeting by discussing the Senate ad-hoc housing committee’s effort to gather student input and submit it to the university’s Residential Strategies Working Group (RSWG). He then spoke briefly about Spring Fling, noting that logistics for […]

150 students attend Tufts Maker Network’s ‘Weekend of Making’

The Tufts Maker Network hosted its first Weekend of Making, which involved a series of do-it-yourself (DIY) workshops, on Jan. 30 and 31. According to the Maker Network website, the two-day program, which emphasized student-driven crafting as a learning mechanism, was held at the Maker Studio on 574 Boston Ave. on the 30th and the Crafts Center in Lewis Hall […]

Crafts Center receives TCU grant to invest in future

The Crafts Center received a grant of $6,718.20 from the Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate on Nov. 9 to overhaul its supplies for the remainder of the academic year. The managers of the center hope to use this grant to ensure the sustainable, long-term existence of the center at Tufts. Junior Charlie Wiebe, one of the managers of the Crafts Center, […]