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Sobremesa: The importance of equitable vaccination distribution

In an ideal world, this developed nation would have produced enough vaccinations to provide doses to all Americans as soon as possible. But given our current political climate and the limited number of doses available, one approach that has a fighting chance at providing a standard of health care equity is ensuring not only that the vaccine is financially accessible to all, but that minority voices are included in statewide task forces.

Tufts’ long term assets see return of 3.7%, endowment grows in 2020 fiscal year

Tufts' Total Return Pool, where a majority of the university's long-term assets are invested, saw a return of 3.7% for the fiscal year 2020. The endowment grew from $1.91 billion at the end of FY 2019 to $1.94 billion at the end of FY 2020, according to Tufts’ Annual Financial Report.

New Year's Resolution Editorial Cartoon
Editorial: Tufts, here are some New Year’s resolutions

As we grapple with this pandemic and an ever-changing world, 2021 will bring obstacles of its own. In making its own resolutions for the new year, Tufts must learn from the valuable lessons this semester presented to our community and commit to preserving compassion, justice and well-being in all university policies.

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Editorial: Tufts professors should continue empathetic approach to teaching as semester comes to a close

Faculty can offer flexible due dates and extensions for assignments, defusing some of the pressure on students who may be dealing with difficult personal circumstances. In addition, professors should give students additional opportunities to improve their grades as the semester closes, such as extra credit assignments. Additionally, professors should work to give students a rough estimate of their grades before Dec. 11.

Russian language program sees low first-year enrollments

Marina Aptekman, a lecturer in Russian, said that while there were more than 20 first-years who enrolled in the Russian program last year, there have only been four first-year undergraduate students who enrolled in the program this year, in addition to four students from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

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Philosophy in Focus: Tell my dog I miss her

Friedrich Hayek wrote in The Road to Serfdom (1944) that “We are ready to accept almost any explanation of the present crisis of our civilization except one: that the present state of the world may be the result of genuine error on our own part." Perhaps he’s right.

In the Paint
In the Paint: What the NBA can learn from the NFL season

As of week 12 in the NFL, there has been a significant spike in COVID-19 cases and teams like the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens are without key players. The NBA is going to have a similar plan come December, but what they really should do is learn from the mistakes of the current NFL season. It’s unacceptable for the NBA to hold playoffs and finals in a bubble back in July but have any other plan for the 2020–21 season, a season that will start amidst the holidays when COVID-19 is worse than ever before.

Editorial: Students must continue to follow COVID-19 guidelines as cases rise

This includes wearing masks, washing our hands, maintaining a physical distance from all individuals outside of residential cohorts and only leaving places of residence when necessary. The responsibility to protect ourselves and our community falls upon each and every one of us. 

Medical school, Cummings school professors research viral proteins, COVID-19 infection

Marta Gaglia, assistant professor of molecular biology and microbiology in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) at the Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM), and Jonathan Runstadler, professor and interim chair of the Department of Infectious Disease & Global Health at Tufts' Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, are collaborating to determine how certain viral proteins influence the way a cell is able to sense a viral infection.

University health officials urge students to follow health guidelines as Thanksgiving break nears

Officials may consider additional measures such as new procedures for campus dining and reduction of the 10-person gathering size, if cases on campus continue to rise, according to Michael Jordan, university infection control health director.