Tufts lifts some COVID-19 restrictions, others remain in place

Some restrictions, including those concerning fitness center use, dining services, student organization meetings and the stay-at-home order, were lifted. However, other restrictions, such as the 10-person gathering limit and testing frequency, will remain in place. 

TCU Senate launches COVID-19 Communication Project, partners with Dr. Jordan, Dr. Caggiano

Meeting on a biweekly basis, TCU Senate members Sarah Wiener, Sharif Hamidi and Mathew Peña will work closely with Jordan and Caggiano to best present the latest updates regarding COVID-19 to the Tufts community each week.

Recent drop in campus COVID-19 cases follows January surge

Student and faculty COVID-19 cases skyrocketed after students began returning to campus in mid-January. Though numbers are now dropping, the surge raised concerns about how well students are abiding by the guidelines put in place by the administration to limit the spread of COVID-19 on campus.

Fitness center to reopen, status of spring sports still up in the air

In an email with the subject line “Easing some COVID restrictions on campus,” Tufts University Infection Control Health Director Michael Jordan announced that the Steve Tisch Sports and Fitness Center will reopen, while also noting that varsity team practices and games, as well as club and intramural sports, will remain on pause. 

Jesse Mermell, Dave Cavell discuss congressional campaigns, new Tisch College course

Before joining together to teach a course in the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life for the spring 2021 semester, longtime friends Jesse Mermell and Dave Cavell (LA'06) were competitors in Massachusetts’ 4th Congressional District Democratic primary. Their course, "Talking Points, Tweets, and TikTok: Modern Political Communications and Message Development," reflects their experiences on the virtual campaign trail.

Medford Public Schools launches pooled COVID-19 testing program

“Pooled testing will provide Medford and Somerville with a reliable way to quickly and accurately detect early infection in students, teachers, and staff while costing only about one-third as much as individual testing," Sedore wrote in an email to the Daily.

New coronavirus variants prompt concern from Tufts health officials

The potential presence of highly transmissible variants in the community is something the university remains conscious of. Caggiano and Jordan mentioned that the samples collected through surveillance testing and provided to the Broad Institute do not provide information as to whether an individual is infected with a variant.

Op-ed: An open letter to Tufts faculty and administration calling for lightening of coursework

Some professors and the university assure us that they value our mental health, yet demonstrate the opposite when they set the impossible expectation for us to complete a similar amount of work as in a previous, pre-pandemic semester.

You Gotta Know: Alecia McGregor examines US health care through a historical perspective

The idiosyncratic failings of the U.S. health care system have always been present in the life of Alecia McGregor, assistant professor of community health. McGregor was born in a working-class North Miami, Fla. neighborhood to Jamaican immigrants, and government support was critically important to her family’s well-being. “I come from a big family of seven […]

Students profit off of GameStop short squeeze, share opinions

Kumar shared that he had made a return of over 500% on his initial investment from the rise. He also said that he imagines that the losses on Wall Street may lead to changes in the behavior of hedge funds.