Editorial: Current course registration system does not promote academic success

Tufts students continue to trudge through midterm season. The days are getting colder and darker, and we may not even realize what’s quickly approaching next week: the advising period for spring course registration. Likely the last thing we are thinking about amidst this hectic time is: “What classes should I take next semester?” The advising […]

Tufts by Numbers: Back to School

As Tufts students prepared to submit their new semester schedule, many were met with Tuft’s Student Information System’s (SIS) website’s dreaded error message, which led to them being placed on the waitlist — or worse, shut out — of classes in which they had planned to enroll. For the current spring semester, Tufts’ 5,290 undergraduate students competed […]

Jumbo Steps: Drawing attention

The hallway walls leading into my and my roommate’s room has been recently adorned with two new masterpieces. We can’t really tell if the portraits we drew of each other look Picasso-esque, or if they seem like the product of a three-year-old’s after-school art project. But that’s precisely we drew each other in the first […]

The myth of college exploration

There are certain tidbits of advice that we hear repeated from a variety of different people we encounter. As soon as I reached college age, there was one recommendation that I heard so frequently that it became a truth rather than a suggestion, and I was determined to listen. After the university I attend came […]