Tufts University Art Galleries’ current exhibition ‘Harry Dodge: Works of Love’ explores philosophy and contemporary fears

Tufts University Art Galleries’ current spring semester Medford exhibition, which will open on Jan. 17 and close on April 14, offers a focused look at L.A. based contemporary artist Harry Dodge. The show, entitled, “Harry Dodge: Works of Love,” bears the same name as the artist’s latest group of works and features his illustrations, videos and sculptures. The […]

‘Common Threads’ documents the evolution of textile as medium of storytelling

Contemporary artists know no boundaries among mediums. In their hands, paintings become sculptures, and ordinary objects become art. Indeed, not even the more artisan-oriented medium of textile has escaped being stretched beyond its conventional materials. The current tapestry exhibition at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, “Common Threads: Weaving Stories Across Time,” showcases textiles from the […]

‘Kusama: Infinity’ narrows in on Yayoi Kusama’s life, artistic legacy

Content Warning: This article mentions self-harm. Visionary contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama’s work may be instantly recognizable. Her rise to international fame, however, was not a linear or easy path, as depicted in Magnolia Pictures’ biopic “Kusama: Infinity” (2018). Kusama’s “White No. 28” (1960) became the most expensive work by a living female artist when it was sold […]

Weekender: Curator Martina Tanga demystifies ‘Sculpting with Air’

From April 20 to Sept. 30, “Sculpting with Air,” an exhibition featuring two site-specific sculptures by Ian McMahon and Jong Oh, is on view at the deCordova Sculpture Park in Lincoln, Mass. The exhibition is a collaboration by McMahon, Oh and the curator, Martina Tanga. McMahon’s sculpture, “Tether,” embodies the dynamic tension between industry and […]

MFA’s ‘Monuments to Us’ exhibit raises crucial questions, but falls short

In recent years, followers of the art world have seen increasing initiative to include artists and subjects of marginalized communities. Yet, we are still more inclined to see inclusive art as fringe or intentionally diverse. By labeling these pieces as “monuments,” the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (MFA) is attempting to change that perception. “Monuments to […]

Current exhibitions at ICA impress with innovative works

Leaving a museum feeling utterly inspired is a true gift, as that feeling of inspiration resonates with and excites the soul. That gained feeling of passion is exactly how you will feel after parting from the Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) in the Seaport District. Its current exhibitions are thought-provoking and innovative. Video installations like “Ashes” (2002–2015) by Steve McQueen and the ICA’s stellar collection “New Acquisitions” (2017) showcase how much the museum has developed in the past […]

MFA fall exhibition preview: ‘Seeking Stillness’ offers an escape

As fall approaches, pumpkin spice aficionados and UGG boot lovers around the world are rejoicing. At the same time, the imminent season brings with it new art shows to the Boston area. The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) is at the center of the Bostonian art scene, with its vast collection and the remarkable exhibitions it […]

Dana Schutz retrospective lives up to the artist’s recent success despite notable absence

After controversy surrounding her work “Open Casket” (2016) led to heated protests at the Whitney Biennial last March, Dana Schutz became one of the most conspicuous figures in the contemporary art world. The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) of Boston has also drawn support and protest from local artists and activists since unveiling a retrospective of […]

‘Listen Hear: The Art of Sound’ draws visitors into Isabella Stewart Gardner’s world

Museums often play to only one of our five senses: sight. Many museums were built on the assumption that vision has surpassed all other senses in its ability to communicate and express. In the exhibition “Listen Hear: The Art of Sound” at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, contemporary artists seek to challenge this notion using multiple […]