Daily Week: Meet the Managing Board

Editor’s note: The Daily’s editorial board acknowledges that this article is premised on a conflict of interest. This article is a special feature for Daily Week that does not represent the Daily’s standard journalistic practices.  These interviews have been edited for clarity and length. The Daily has been in production since 1980. From writing content […]

Tufts alum co-founds public service initiative Lead for America

Content Warning: This article mentions domestic violence.  Lead for America (LFA) is a new fellowship program aimed at bringing recent college graduates back to their local communities and implanting them into that local government. Benya Kraus (LA ’18) is one of the founding members of LFA. They have partnered with the University of North Carolina (UNC) School of Government and […]

Editorial: Students should support all university workers

Most students on campus know Idah Duche, a cashier at Hodgdon Food-on-the-Run who always makes an effort to greet students warmly and even seems to have learned hundreds of students’ names. She was rightly acknowledged by University President Anthony Monaco at Senior Dinner this year for her friendliness and was even featured in a Facebook […]

Small Houses Weekend seeks to create community

Several special interest houses at Tufts are hosting a series of events next weekend for Small Houses Weekend, according to Morgan Leppla, a sophomore who lives in Crafts House. Crafts House Manager Colin Trimmer explained that the weekend is intended to bring the various special interest houses together. “The idea is to build a community on campus, and small houses are […]

Op-ed: The problem with armchair activism

As liberal America braces for an unapologetically right-wing Trump administration, the trope of the outraged liberal college student is almost cliché. Since the election, the majority of Tufts students has been lamenting the fact that our country chose a populist demagogue. Minutes after the election was decided, students made countless lengthy Facebook posts describing feeling sad, ashamed, […]

ATO of Massachusetts: A statement on change

To the Tufts Community, The members of ATO of Massachusetts convened on Wednesday to discuss the recent articles regarding Greek life at Tufts. As a group, we are saying sorry. We’re sorry to our friends, our classmates and the entire Tufts community. We have let you down. We cannot defend the heinous acts described in […]

Karachi vs. Kansas: Diversifying the modern Muslim

Faryal (F): When I was younger, I couldn’t grasp how large and diverse the Muslim population was around the world. We’re the second largest religion in the world and the fastest growing, yet I only knew the handful of Muslims who lived near Kansas City. Natasha (N): Growing up in Karachi, faith was always through my […]

Jumbo Steps: Christ’s horseshoe

It’s interesting to see what kind of questions we Jumbos ask each other at the start of every academic year. I’ve noticed that the majority of returning sophomores ask more personal questions compared to the start of freshman year, which makes sense since the first-year song and dance of asking vague questions is over. There […]

New shows to watch in fall 2016

The first day of fall means it’s time for a number of things — sweater weather, apple picking and pumpkin-spice everything. But most importantly, it means it’s time for fall television premieres. The end of September brings a plethora of new shows, some sure to be America’s next obsessions and some so bad that they’re physically difficult to […]

TrapFest Festival highlights local artists and community

Anyone walking down Professors Row on Friday afternoon would have heard the flying verses of Dutch Rebelle, seen students gathered on the grass of the Africana Center yard, felt the energy and come to the same conclusion about TrapFest that was being shouted by the crowd: it’s lit. Tufts’ first annual TrapFest outdoor music festival featured Brooklyn […]